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Best LLB Universities in Bangladesh

Jul 14, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Best LLB Universities in Bangladesh

Bangladesh boasts a thriving legal system, making it an excellent country for aspiring legal professionals. Many students, unsurprisingly, are on the lookout for the best LLB universities in Bangladesh for a successful career in law.

Which is the right institute to help your ambitions take off? UniSearch's experts have come up with this complete list of the best LLB universities to facilitate your path of studying law at a world-class institute.

Top Universities for Law in Bangladesh

Public Universities
Private Universities
University of Dhaka
BRAC University
Jahangirnagar University
North South University
University of Rajshahi
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)
University of Chittagong
East West University
Khulna University
Green University of Bangladesh

Best Public Universities for the Law Degree in Bangladesh

Here are the top five public universities that will give you the excellent education you need to become an expert in the field of law.

1. University of Dhaka

The University of Dhaka, commonly known as Dhaka University, is one of the country’s most prestigious educational institutes. It has a rich history of delivering high-quality teaching and ensuring unparalleled academic excellence.

Students have many reasons to study LLB at Dhaka University. First of all, this university boasts highly-qualified faculty members who instruct students on law principles, techniques, reasoning and explanation. Alumni have gone on to become among the most successful lawyers in the country after graduation.

Secondly, this university offers students an excellent learning environment helping them focus on their studies. In addition, it gives them a fantastic community of valuable alumni and peers. Students enrolled in the LLB program get essential support from other members and alums besides getting help from skilled faculty members.

Unsurprising, the university holds the #151 post on QS’ Asia University Rankings of 2023. It is also the top-ranking university in Bangladesh according to QS World University Rankings 2024.

2. Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University (JU) is another top-class university in Bangladesh with a reputation for its high-quality education across various degree programs, including LLB.

Its Department of Law and Justice was established in 2011. Since then, this department has utilized a critical and interdisciplinary approach while teaching LLB and LLM courses. It understands the value of legal education and knows that it prepares the future protagonists - lawyers, judges, educators, policymakers and more - who will work at the frontier of societal change.

While undertaking an LLB program at this university, you won't only learn about the principles and rules of law, but you will also get the training to think ethically, analytically, thoughtfully, and critically. This university will also enable you to engage in research with its strong focus in this area.

Jahangirnagar University occupies the eighth spot out of world-ranking Bangladeshi universities on the QS WUR 2024.

3. University of Rajshahi

The University of Rajshahi is one of the best places to study LLB in Bangladesh. In essence, many students consider it one of the best LLB universities in Bangladesh due to its world-class curriculum and academic excellence.

Founded in 1953, the Department of Law is one of the founding departments of this university. This department is also one of the pioneers of higher legal education in this country. It administers two programs: Bachelor of Laws with Honours (LLB Honours) and Master of Laws (LLM). It also runs a one- and two-year evening LLM course.

A notable fact about this department is that it boasts a modern Moot Court, helping law students with practical and clinical legal skill development. Additionally, you can find a resourceful library here to fulfill your thirst for knowledge. This university hosts the RUALF (Rajshahi University Association of Law Finders) - a campus-based non-political student community - enabling you to develop and hone legal skills.

Out of the world-ranking Bangladeshi universities in QS WUR 2024’s shortlist, it takes 13th place.

4. University of Chittagong

The University of Chittagong is a reputed university in Bangladesh located in the heart of the country’s beautiful port city, Chittagong. This university easily locks its place among the best LLB universities in Bangladesh, thanks to its top-of-the-line academic curriculum.

This university's Department of Law earns fame for its academic excellence. It holds pride in delivering exceptional legal education and preparing students to help common people and bring justice to society.

And to make this happen, this university offers best-in-class facilities giving it an edge as a prime destination to study LLB. You will get everything from a library, laboratory, and research center to a seminar hall and debate club to furnish your skill and be an expert in your field of study.

5. Khulna University

Khulna University is a well-regarded educational institute in Bangladesh that strongly focuses on ensuring excellent education. Established in 1991, this university has always been a sought-after place among students seeking cutting-edge legal education.

Students across the country choose this university to study LLB for many reasons. Firstly, it offers the best education at an affordable cost. Secondly, its law school, founded in 2016, utilizes modern teaching and learning methods to prepare law graduates who can excel well professionally both at home and abroad.

Finally, receiving the required knowledge and skills from this law school, students become ethically enriched and ready to serve the nation significantly while ensuring justice to bring peace to society.

The university takes 9th place out of the world-ranking Bangladeshi universities on QS WUR 2024.

Best Private Universities for the Law Degree in Bangladesh

We will now walk you through the top five private universities ideal for studying law. All these can help you shape your academic and professional careers!

1. BRAC University

BRAC University is a reputed private university that easily secures a top place in the list of the best LLB universities in Bangladesh. It allows students to study the LLB program with a rich and diverse curriculum at an affordable budget, despite being a private university.

BRAC University's School of Law began its journey in 2004. This school operates a four-year undergraduate program, particularly a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) course. Unlike conventional law programs, this one is intertwined with economics, development, business and sociology. Through the multidisciplinary approach, the school encourages students to be all-rounders with career opportunities in diverse fields.

This school houses highly-qualified faculty members with teaching and learning experiences acquired from top universities in the UK, Australia, the USA, Russia, and Bangladesh. Teachers at the School of Law have expertise in child rights, criminal law, business laws, economics, international laws, and other law-related sectors.

Needless to say, the quality of education you will receive here is unrivaled. This university also comes with a Law Club and a Moot Court Society to facilitate your study journey.

Unsurprisingly, BRAC University ranks between #301-350 on the QS Asia University Rankings 2023. According to QS World University Rankings 2024, it is the fourth highest ranking university in Bangladesh.

2. North South University

North South University is another reputed and prime educational institute in Bangladesh. It accepts thousands of students annually and allows them to study numerous career-focused courses at an affordable cost.

This university operates a Department of Law offering two programs, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B Honours) and Master of Laws (LL.M). These programs are popular among domestic and international students and are nationally and internationally recognized.

The key distinguishable fact about these programs is that they don't only develop learning about basic law principles. They also help students develop their ability to analyze laws, work as a team, communicate clearly, build argumentative ability and think critically about the recent workings of the justice system.

Alongside these, the Department of Law of this university offers many other facilities and opportunities to assist students in acquiring sheer knowledge of the law and honing their skills to become true leaders in this arena.

North South University lands an impressive spot in the top 220 universities in QS' Asia University Rankings. It’s also the third highest-ranking Bangladesh university in QS Top Universities’ global rankings of 2024!

3. Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)

Choosing the best educational institute for legal education is crucial. So, if you select the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) to receive top-class education in law, you will be making a good decision as it has earned fame for its excellent teaching and other facilities.

This university’s Department of Law runs under some of the country's best faculty in the field, among whom five have PhD degrees - the highest among all private universities in Bangladesh.

This department teaches and nurtures students in a way that empowers them to work meaningfully and create a positive impact on society through upholding the law and innovative solutions. At IUB, students succeed academically and develop leadership and organizing skills necessary across public and private sectors.

IUB is an appropriate institute for law-pursuing students who seek top-notch education and training to reach the peak of academic and professional success. It lands between #451-500 of QS’ best universities in the Asia region (2023).

4. East West University

East West University (EWU) is a prestigious private university offering many industry-forward academic programs. Among these programs, this university is renowned for its law courses. Every year many students enter this educational institute for high-quality legal education.

Its Department of Law has a reputation for nurturing the country's best lawyers. Students benefit from the skills of the country's leading researchers and practitioners. By joining East West University, students can enrich their knowledge and advance their practical skills.

This department is committed to providing students with everything in order to maximize their university experience and help them gather ultimate knowledge. Thus, it features an enriched library filled with the latest law books. Students reap the benefits of this library during research work.

Furthermore, this department hosts numerous seminars where the country's leading lawyers share their court experiences. Students get valuable insight into the court and enhance their understanding of the law and practical skills. Given these, East West University is a suitable educational institute that can help you advance your knowledge of the law.

East West University ranks between #401-450 on QS’ Asia University Rankings 2023. It holds the 7th place among Bangladeshi universities in QS' rankings for top global universities in 2024.

5. Green University of Bangladesh

Founded in 2003, Green University of Bangladesh is a leading private university in the country. It earns fame for its high-quality study environment, which prides itself on providing a safe and positive environment for students. Besides the environment, this university's top-quality study programs boost its popularity among students nationwide.

This university boasts a Department of Law which offers a Bachelor of Laws (Honors), Bachelor of Laws (Pass), and Master of Laws programs. This department has many internationally recognized faculty members who ensure students receive superior-quality education.

Additionally, this department ensures law-pursuing students get personal care with professional touch while benefiting from small classes. This university regularly updates its academic curriculum in order to provide students with the latest information about laws and justice.

Apart from all these, this university comes with a Moot Court, Law Club, Debate Club, Cultural Club and more to help students deepen their knowledge and enhance their extracurricular activities. So, Green University offers all the facilities you need to become an expert in the field of law and justice.

Types of Law Specializations

Before deciding to study law, it’s best you develop an idea of the different specializations of law and their benefits. By understanding these specializations, you can focus on the specialization aligning with your interests. Among the routes you can take with a law degree include: 

  • Business Law

  • Civil Law

  • Constitutional Law

  • Corporate Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Cybersecurity Law

  • E-commerce Law

  • Education Law

  • Employment and Labor Law

  • Environmental Law

  • Family and Juvenile Law

  • Health Care Law

  • Immigration Law

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Natural Resources Law

  • Real Estate Law

  • Securities Law

  • Taxation Law

and more

Career Opportunities for Law Graduates

With a law degree from one of the best LLB universities in Bangladesh, you can access a variety of career opportunities. The need for lawyers in and outside this country has increased significantly in recent years. Thus, if you are a fresh law graduate, you can still land a sustainable and high-paying job. 

As a skilled law graduate, you will have many job opportunities to choose from. Career opportunities for LLB graduates include:

  • Legal practitioner

  • Legal publishing

  • Legal adviser 

  • Legal journalism

  • Legal outsourcing

  • Corporate lawyer

  • Real estate attorney

  • Tax attorney

  • Patent attorney

  • Employment lawyer

  • Public prosecutor

  • Teaching in educational institutes

and more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which University is the Best for Law in Bangladesh?

You can find several best universities in Bangladesh to study law. Some prominent ones are Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, BRAC University, and North South University.

Which Private University is the Best for Law in Bangladesh 2023?

Considering the facilities, BRAC University has always remained among the first choices among law-pursuing students. Alongside BRAC University, North South University, Independent University, East West University and Green University are also popular among students.

What is the Starting Salary of a Lawyer in Bangladesh?

The salary of a lawyer in Bangladesh depends on their expertise. Generally, the monthly salary of a lawyer ranges from BDT 30,300 to 105,000.

Our Concluding Thoughts

Bangladesh is home to many world-class universities. You have a selection to choose from among the best LLB universities in Bangladesh. All the universities UniSearch's experts roundup here fulfill the key criteria students look out for in excellent LLB programs. Tuition fees, location, law specializations, and admission criteria all play a part in pinpointing the right university for you.