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Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Nov 25, 2022Date Published
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UniSearch - Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Are you an international student trying to earn some extra money while studying in Canada? You are likely looking into part-time jobs you can balance with your studies. If this is the case, we've got you covered. We have made a list of the highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada for international students. We hope this can help you find something appropriate for your skill set!

Working as an International Student in Canada

Canada has a robust economy, dynamic culture, and diverse geography. The cherry on top is the many opportunities for international students to find part-time jobs in Canada.

Before we look at the highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada, there are several requirements you need to know before you can start working. So let's check them out and understand if you’re qualified to work as an international student!

Firstly, you have to be a full-time student in Canada, which requires you to have a valid study permit. If you have a valid study permit, you can work full-time or part-time, both on and off campus! 

Working on campus is a pretty great way to earn some money while studying. It is also ideal for a student resident who has free time after lectures. Canadian universities promote practical learning experiences for students. This means that there may also be plenty of opportunities for you to work off-campus too!

You can only begin working once your studies commence. During the regular academic term, international students may only work up to 20 hours per week. Nonetheless, you can work full-time hours during the breaks.

Remember, as much as earning while studying may be important to you, universities want you to have enough time to focus on your academics, too. The work hour quotas during semesters are there to give you plenty of time to study outside of class. They're also there so you have some time for socialisation, relaxation, and enjoying life! After all, that’s all part of the study abroad package that you don’t want to miss out on.

Average Pay in Canada by Province

In Canada, the minimum wage for students is roughly CAD 13. It changes a little from state to state. In every country, the most popular part-time employment frequently pays close to the minimum wage. Below, we’re laying out what typical part-time employment in the following provinces might pay!

Average Wages
CAD 13.00/hour
British Columbia
CAD 15.65/hour
CAD 12.35/hour
New Brunswick
CAD 12.75 /hour
Newfoundland and Labrador
CAD 13.20/hour
Nova Scotia
CAD 13.35/hour
CAD 14.10/hour
Prince Edward Island
CAD 13.70/hour
CAD 14.25/hour
CAD 13.00/hour

You need to do some research to determine which part-time job is best for you. The first step is figuring out what you can do with your skills and experience. Then consider how you can use these skills in the job market. For example, you can have excellent writing skills but if you don't know anything about agriculture then there might not be much demand for you at a farm supply company. But if you have taken some agriculture classes over summer break then employers may feel more inclined to hire you.

Part-Time Jobs in Canada with the Best Pay

If you are an international student, here are some of the highest paying part-time jobs in Canada for international students that you can consider.

1. Freelancer

Freelancers work on their own terms. They can set their own schedules, choose the projects they want to take on and have control over how much time they spend working. The pay for freelancers depends on the job itself - an average per hour rate for freelancing in Canada is roughly CAD 21-22. If you do a better job than your competitors, you’ll be paid more. If it takes longer than average, then so will your paycheck! Pay rates also vary depending on the nature of the job, the size and duration of the project, and the skillsets involved.

Web and graphic design, digital content writing and editing, proofreading, search engine optimization, photography, video editing, etc. are all excellent examples of freelance opportunities. You might even be able to find gigs performing music, poetry, stand-up, etc. at cafes and bars or take commissions for artwork. Opportunities are endless for freelancers, and the best part is that they help you play up to your strengths and interests.

2. Bartender

Bartending jobs are great for college students. These types of jobs are available in many different cities and are flexible enough to allow you to work part-time or full-time hours. While this isn't the most lucrative way to make money, it could be an excellent way for you to meet new people and make some extra cash while you're studying! You can also build up a skill set in the retail and service industry that you may not have access to in your field. You never know when these skills come in handy! You can earn around CAD 15 per hour as a bartender in Canada.

3. Cashier

Cashier jobs are a common part-time job for international students. They are available in grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations - pretty much anywhere people make purchases! The salary for cashiers varies depending on the employer and location. In some cases, you may make CAD $10-15 an hour or more!

It’s also a flexible job and helps you meet and communicate with new people all the time. Cashiers should be able to handle customer complaints and questions. While on the job, you get to finetune excellent communication skills and customer service practices you can transfer to other careers. You will also learn how to multitask while working in high-pressure situations (like when there are many customers waiting).

The experience can lead to higher-paying job opportunities in the future. Working certain posts in banks or credit unions, for example, is an option since they may want to hire people who already know how to handle money. Plus, the soft skills you pick up - such as communication, multi-tasking, money management, teamwork, etc. - are invaluable in practically all job spheres.

4. Barista

A position as a barista equips you with a unique skill set, especially attractive if you’re fond of coffees and teas. You may find the science behind brewing the perfect latte or steeping an excellent cup of earl grey fascinating and rewarding. The job usually requires some knowledge of basic cooking techniques, such as using ovens or microwaves to heat food. You'll also get on the job training of how to man an espresso machine to pull the perfect shots for a variety of drinks. 

Baristas must be able to work through dozens of orders in quick succession and often need to stand on their feet all day long while working at a countertop station (not an easy task!). Nonetheless, learning how to whip up five grande lattes to-go without breaking a sweat is its own form of accomplishment.

Some employers prefer that candidates have completed high school or obtained their GED. Others will accept people who complete a few college courses. In general, baristas will need job-specific training before they can work. The pay scale varies depending on where you live in Canada as well as the cafe you're working at. Sometimes it goes up as high as CAD 15 per hour!

5. Dog Walker

If you're a dog lover and looking for a part-time job, dog walking could be the perfect fit. You'll get anywhere from CAD 15 to CAD 25 per hour in pay and can make as much as CAD 10 an hour if you take on more than one pet at a time. Some dog walkers will only take on dogs who live in their house or apartment complex, while others might work with multiple clients around town (or even across town).

If this sounds like something that would interest you, then find a local provider nearby to advertise your services through — they should have Canadian listings online!

6. Waiter or Waitress

Waitering is a great way to make money while you're in Canada. In fact, it’s one of the most popular part-time jobs for international students. Part of the reason this job post is so popular is the flexibility it offers for international students, along with good pay (up to CAD 15 per hour) and many opportunities for advancement within the restaurant industry.

There are several different kinds of restaurants that hire wait staff. You can work anywhere from fast food chains like a Subway or McDonald's all the way up to fine dining restaurants. If you're studying hospitality and the culinary arts, you may even score the chance to work at Michelin star eateries and other high-end spots!

Another perk of waitering are the tips - depending on where and at what times you're working, you might be able to collect quite a bit in tips to supplement your salary. Consider working at a hotel restaurant or man the cocktail bars for generous  tips! If you are looking for something more casual, perhaps waitering at an outdoor patio bar would suit your needs.

7. Customer Service Representative

Customer service jobs can be a great way to earn money while studying in Canada. The industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada, with lots of opportunities for employees. According to JobsatHome.ca and Statistics Canada, customer service representatives can earn an average annual salary of CAD 30,000-60,000 when they graduate from university with a Bachelor's degree or diploma.

There are many different types of positions available within this field including:

  • answering phones
  • taking orders and responding to questions about products/services,
  • selling products/services, providing technical support over the phone or Internet
  • troubleshooting computers or other technical problems

As a customer service representative, you may be able to take on similar positions while studying. All such roles require excellent communication skills. 

8. Food Preparation and Service

Food preparation and serving-related gigs are among the highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada. They are also some of the most in-demand work roles in the country. The average annual salary for this category is CAD 19,000 per year, which makes it one of the best options if you're looking to earn a great income while also having flexible hours! Opportunities in the food service industry could involve anything from working in the kitchens, dishwashing, managing the counter, or running food deliveries!

9. Tutor

If you're looking for a part-time job that allows you to work with children or other students, this is the perfect opportunity. Tutoring is a great way to make some extra cash and continue learning at the same time. You can teach English, maths, science, or other subjects to school kids who need extra help. Some students seek tutoring for specific skills, like essay writing too! Students in your own university may be on the lookout for some mentorship. There may even be opportunities for you to work with your university’s academic support services. Although you can teach in person, you may also find opportunities to teach online via Skype or Google Classroom. Tutors can earn an average per hour salary of CAD 30 in Canada!

10. Teacher’s Assistant

The teacher's assistant is a great job for students who want to work during the day, but don't have many other options. A teaching or research assistantship is an especially great opportunity for graduate students pursuing their PhDs! Getting hands-on experience, learning and teaching at the same time is a great plus for students who are pursuing or hoping to pursue doctoral degrees.

Teacher assistantships can also involve helping professors grade papers or oversee classes where students are doing tests or in-class activities. They’re a great on-campus opportunity and depending on the university and your program, can contribute directly to offset part of your tuition fees. Teaching assistants in Canada can earn an average per hour salary of CAD 16.5.

11. Sales Associate

A sales associate is another popular part-time job for international students. This position is ideal for those who have a good command of English, as it requires you to communicate with customers and clients fluently and convincingly.

If your goal is to earn some extra money while studying and gain valuable skills that will help open doors once you graduate, then this could be just what you're looking for! You can earn around CAD 13-15 per hour and CAD 28,275 per year. Sales associate jobs are available all over Canada. So no matter where your university campus is, there should always be an opportunity nearby where someone with experience can act as an intermediary or brand ambassador between potential clients and companies' marketing teams.

12. Receptionist

Receptionists are the first point of contact for almost every customer who walks through the door. They greet visitors, answer phone calls, enter information into databases, and perform other tasks that help keep the business running smoothly.

Like other part-time jobs in Canada for international students, this position doesn't require you to have a degree or intensive prior experience. You'll need to be able to type at least 50 words per minute (wpm) and have a friendly, professional demeanour when communicating with clients and guests in person or on the phone. While on the job you will learn a lot about how an organisation’s network operates, pick up soft skills like communication, teamwork, time and resource management, and build up your resume for the future.

Our Concluding Thoughts

There are many jobs available in Canada for international students who want to work during their studies and earn some extra cash while doing so. The best part is that most of these jobs don’t require a high level of English or technical knowledge. You can secure some of the highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada for international students by taking advantage of your knowledge and experience or by displaying an eagerness to learn. So do your research before committing to anything and good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much can an international student make working part-time in Canada?

International students can work up to 20 hours per week while studying. They can work 40 hours per week during holidays. For regular part-time jobs, students can earn between CAD $13-20 per hour, which can total CAD $1,040 to CAD $1,600 CAD per month. The pay rates do vary from province to province, and can look different depending on the job type and the employer!

Which province in Canada is best for part-time work?

Every province has a diverse range of job possibilities. In Alberta, there are more opportunities open for IT professionals and technicians. In comparison, nurses and physicians are high in demand in Nova Scotia. Wherever you choose to study, you’ll find a range of part-time opportunities that don’t require subject- or skill-specific knowledge and expertise!