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Best Universities in Bangladesh for CSE

Jul 11, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Best Universities in Bangladesh for CSE

On the hunt for the best universities in Bangladesh for CSE? Bangladesh hosts many private and public universities offering computer science engineering. But the question here is which university is the best and can help you embrace ultimate success after graduation?

Well, there isn’t only one excellent university in Bangladesh for CSE. You can find several, from easy-entry options to more challenging universities for admission. In this article by UniSearch’s experts, we list out our top picks to help you determine the university that meets your preferences.

Best Universities in Bangladesh for CSE

Computer science engineering is one of the most in-demand fields out there. And for good reason. With the rapid digitization of the 21st century and the industrial revolution underway, there is huge industry demand for CSE professionals. 

Some high-demand job opportunities you can crack with a CSE degree include:

  • Data analyst

  • Data scientist

  • Software developer

  • Machine learning engineer

  • Cybersecurity analyst

  • Web developer

and much more.

So which are the best universities in Bangladesh for CSE?

Universities in Bangladesh
Asia University Rankings 2023 by QS Top Universities
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
East West University
Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)
University of Dhaka
North South University
Daffodil International University
BRAC University
Jahangirnagar University
Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology
Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology

1. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Ranked #199 in the Asia University Rankings 2023 by QS Top Universities, BUET is a sought-after educational institute among Bangladeshi students, especially those planning to study engineering subjects.

While famous for delivering exceptional education through diverse engineering disciplines, this university is a top pick among students to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degree in CSE. Why? Well, CSE is one of BUET’s top engineering departments offering unparalleled and research-based education.

The country’s best students attend this university while facing a high-competition environment. You will access world-class facilities and academic nourishment from hard-working and highly-talented faculties. Consequently, BUET’s students become prime in their fields after graduation.

A key reason to motivate you to pursue your course in CSE at this university? The university’s spot between 401 and 450 on the QS subject rankings for Computer Science and Information Systems! Undoubtedly, this is one of the best universities to complete your CSE course.

2. East West University

East West University (EWU) is a famous private university in the country focusing on delivering excellent education across diverse fields of study. It aims to become the prime choice for students who seek excellence in learning, teaching, and research and want to develop high-quality, career-relevant skills.

This university’s Department of Computer Science Engineering is attractive among students and has drawn students from around the country since its establishment in 1996.

Currently, this department runs two CSE programs, particularly a BS in Computer Science and Engineering and an MS in Computer Science and Engineering, accredited by the Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE).

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering features modern equipment and offers all the facilities to ensure students receive an A1 education. That’s why many CSE graduates from EWU land top IT roles in Bangladesh and abroad.

Many of its alums work in research labs in the UK, USA, Italy, Ireland, Australia, etc. Not only this, but some also work in giant tech companies like Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and more. Hence, if you can study the CSE course at this university, you will be all set to embrace a successful future.

3. Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)

Khulna University of Engineering and Technology is a prestigious university in Bangladesh that focuses on ensuring outstanding education through myriad engineering disciplines.

In 1999, this university opened its Department of Computer Science Engineering to deliver top-quality education and research opportunities in various Computer Science and Engineering branches. Since then, KUET has administered undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs in CSE while accepting brilliant students through a competitive admission test.

This university is well-regarded for its magnificent research and teaching quality. This is its key strength. When you enroll in this university's CSE program, you will bloom with excellence through high-quality teaching.

You will gain the required knowledge and coveted skills in diverse research areas in this department, such as: 

  • Machine Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cyber Security, and more

So, an education here will elevate your CSE career and give you a more competitive edge in the work field once you graduate.

4. University of Dhaka

The University of Dhaka, aka Dhaka University, is a public collegiate research university in Dhaka. Founded in 1921, it is Bangladesh's oldest and one of its most prestigious universities, offering a myriad of courses and first-rate education to build a better nation.

With an impressive #598 on QS’ Asia University Ranking, Dhaka University is a leading educational institute offering prospective CSE students the best learning environment they can imagine. Its Department of Computer Science and Engineering has 44 faculty members with fantastic academic and research records.

These faculty members follow a research-based curriculum to teach students and help them enter the research world. Consequently, you get the right skills to pursue publications even before graduation.

The CSE course curriculum is also developed to allow students to understand current software industries while gaining real-world work experience. That’s why many of DU’s CSE graduates successfully land in top companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more.

5. North South University

North South University, aka NSU, is a leading private university in Bangladesh, offering a broad spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines. For its unrivaled study programs, it ranks #662 in QS’ Asia World Universities.

This university runs Computer Science and Engineering courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Each level comes with different and effective outcomes.

For example, by undertaking the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, you will begin by learning basic principles of engineering and computer science.

As you go further, you will build a foundation in Engineering Design and Digital Electronics. Ultimately, you will gather all the required knowledge and skills to work as a software or hardware engineer.

Meanwhile, the MS in Computer Science & Engineering will allow you to hone your skill, broaden your knowledge and undertake senior roles in different IT-related sectors. NSU can help you build a successful career in CSE and pursue your dream career.

6. Daffodil International University

Meet one of the best universities in Bangladesh for CSE, Daffodil International University. It is a stunning private university in Bangladesh established in 2002.

Although it’s a private university, it is the proud owner of a massive campus stretching over 150 acres. Its campus is full of life and energy, encouraging more than 20,000 students to pursue their academic goals.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department fosters academic excellence and prepares students with industry-relevant skills. You won’t only gather foundational knowledge in computer science here. You will also get to work on real projects and solve real-world problems while developing technical knowledge. Consequently, you get work experience while studying your chosen course to be job-ready after graduation.

7. BRAC University

BRAC University, also known as BracU, is a reputed private research university in this country. This university aims to prepare its students with new knowledge in diverse fields of study and help them develop critical thinking abilities that you will experience after enrolling in the CSE course.

Its Department of Computer Science and Engineering strives for excellence and delivers excellent education in computer science while helping students learn cutting-edge technology to solve critical computational problems.

Additionally, this department encourages students to work on the development of computer science, information and technology and educates learners to become innovative and bring creative solutions to societal needs.

Overall, BRAC University gives you the necessary training and education to help you reach the peak of your academic and professional careers.

8. Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University (JU) is a public research university beginning its journey in 1970. This fully residential public university is home to 15,000 students.

This university oversees 35 departments, and its Department of Computer Science and Engineering requires a special mention since it remains among many students’ shortlists when planning to receive an engineering degree.

This department provides top-of-the-line facilities and modern amenities to support CSE students. After joining the CSE program, you will benefit from well-equipped computer labs, updated software and hardware resources, and more.

Also, you will get the opportunity to engage in research and innovation. You can do some research projects, work on cutting-edge technologies, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in computer science.

9. Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology

Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) is a prominent public engineering and technological research university in this country. It secures a place among the best universities in Bangladesh for CSE for its academic curriculum, teaching quality, and excellent student support.

This university’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering was founded in 1998 with a capacity of 60 students per academic session. Today, this number has risen to 130 students per session.

Though this department only operated an undergraduate program in CSE initially, it now allows you to undertake postgraduate and PhD programs as well. This CSE department ensures quality education with the help of its highly-qualified faculty members.

It also offers the best learning environments and top-class facilities to help students get the most out of their courses. Lastly, this department arranges co-curricular activities, workshops, and seminars to give learners an all-around university experience.

10. Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology

Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) is another leading and prestigious public engineering institute. This university is a center of excellence that cultivates talented minds in different fields of study and encourages them to take the lead in solving the country’s societal issues.

RUET runs a couple of study programs, and it is renowned for its CSE course, which enables students to build a solid foundation in computer science. Besides, students develop strong technical skills while learning myriad programming languages, algorithms, data structures, database management systems, software engineering principles, and more.

A notable fact about RUET is that it regularly updates its academic curriculum to align with the latest industry trends and advancements in computer science. As a CSE student in RUET, you will be in touch with cutting-edge technology in computer science and gather the knowledge and in-demand skills to secure a sustainable and high-paying job.

Things to Know Before Admission to CSE

Before applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate course in Computer Science and Engineering, you must consider some factors.

You need to ensure the university you are applying to meets your preferences. Many students get excited after finding a renowned university and apply for admission without checking the teaching quality, faculty members’ backgrounds and course outcomes. You want to know before you commit to a university whether it is the right fit for you.

Secondly, check that your chosen university can provide a first-rate education and state-of-the-art facilities such as well-equipped computer labs, workshops and internship opportunities. It will be a plus if your selected university has direct links with renowned industries and companies, which can help you land CSE-related jobs.

Tuition fee is another factor that drives your decision-making. Tuition ranges vary depending on whether the university is a public or private institute, location, and study level. Be sure to look into a program that fits your budget at one of the best universities in Bangladesh for CSE.

Also, keep an eye out for universities that offer credit transfer opportunities to overseas institutions. While completing a degree abroad can be a financial challenge, the option to transition your degree from home to a global university can diversify your opportunities.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates must have: 

  • a 2.5 GPA in both SSC and HSC from the Science stream or

  • must acquire a B in three A-level subjects, specifically physics, chemistry, and mathematics

to qualify for admission or undertake admission tests for enrolling in an undergraduate CSE program in the most prestigious universities in Bangladesh. 

Applicants with a diploma in engineering with good grades can receive credit exemption according to the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh guidelines. In order to enroll in a postgraduate CSE course, applicants must complete their bachelor’s in CSE course with a CGPA of 2.5. Note that the required CGPA can significantly vary based on your chosen university.

Career Opportunities for CSE Students

CSE students are privileged to work in diverse IT-related fields. This means you will enjoy the opportunity to work in diverse fields across the IT sector. Let’s go through some in-demand IT-related fields you can work in as a CSE engineer.

I. Software Developer

After graduating, you can work as a software developer in or outside the country.  As a part of your job responsibilities, you need to deal with the software development process. You need to work on design, coding, computer programming, project management, and more.

II. Hardware Engineer

You can also work as a hardware engineer after becoming a CSE engineer. While working as a hardware engineer, you must research, design, develop, and test computer hardware. FYI, hardware engineers earn very well working in or outside Bangladesh.

III. System Designer

The system designer job is coveted among CSE engineers thanks to the lucrative facilities system designers get. As a system designer, you will design a system's physical structure and logical function. You will also work on its characteristics, including output, input, files, databases, etc.

IV. Database Administrator

CSE engineers can work as Database Administrators as well. Being a CSE graduate, you can choose this field if you love designing, implementing, maintaining, and repairing the database.

V. System Analyst

System Analysts are sought-after among employers in Bangladesh and around the globe. After receiving your prestigious degree, you can work in this field and handle software and system-related issues.

Alongside all these respective job fields, you can choose various other roles in IT such as IT Sales, Computer Trainer, Network Engineer, Technical Content Writer and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the Best Private University for CSE in Bangladesh?

You can find a couple of private universities in Bangladesh that fall in the best category for the CSE program. For instance, North South University, East West University, BRAC University and Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology are notable ones, to name a few.

Which Public University is the Best for CSE in Bangladesh?

Like private universities, there isn’t only one best public university to give you excellent education with their CSE courses. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), the University of Dhaka, Jahangirnagar University, and Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) are among the best when you seek first-rate education and training while undertaking the CSE program.

Is CSE a Good Subject Considering Its Future in Bangladesh?

Indeed, CSE is an excellent subject to study if you are tech-savvy and love to work with technology. The future of CSE engineers in Bangladesh is really great since there are and will be a lot of job opportunities. Besides, as a CSE engineer, you will play a vital role in making a complete digital Bangladesh.

What is the Average Salary of CSE Engineers in Bangladesh?

CSE engineers earn a handsome amount working in Bangladesh. Depending on job fields and levels in IT, you can earn anywhere from BDT 21,000 to 100,000 or more.

Our Concluding Thoughts

All these universities you have glanced through in this article offer the best-in-class education in computer science engineering. All of them have well-equipped computer labs and highly-qualified faculty members.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about receiving first-rate education and training to become a successful professional if you choose one of the best universities in Bangladesh for CSE. We hope we’ve made the decision driving your choice a little easier!