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Your access and use of the UniSearch website and its associated services (“Services”) is governed by our Terms of Service agreement (“Terms”). By using our website and Services, you agree to these Terms and are bound by the conditions within, including our policies on Privacy, Cookies, Intellectual Property, and User Conduct.

  • 1. Privacy Policy

    The personal information we collect to facilitate the student application procedure includes, but is not
    limited to:
    • Name
    • Contact details (including mailing address, phone number, email address)
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Academic history and qualifications
    • Employment history and certifications
    • Other relevant certifications
    • Supplemental documentation including but not limited to copies of:
      • Passport, birth certificate, driver’s license and/or other identification documents
      • Academic transcripts, certificates, and other relevant documents
      • Academic reference letters
      • Personal statements or other written samples as required by academic institutions
      • Photographs of applicants as required by academic institutions
      • Certifications and score reports of admissions exams such as language proficiency tests and subject-specific aptitude tests (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.)
      • CVs and/or resumes
      • Other information deemed necessary and relevant for higher education applications

    We value the privacy of our users, and are committed to protecting your personal information. We ensure that all information you provide us with is kept confidential and is solely utilised for the purpose of delivering our Services effectively. We will only share your personal information with relevant third parties involved in the international student recruitment process, such as:

    • Academic institutions you have selected to apply to for the purposes of admissions procedures and student records
    • Any institution, employer, or other organisation you have included in the information provided to us, for the purposes of verification
    • Any regulatory or government body in compliance with established and applicable laws

    By utilising the UniSearch website and its Services, you agree to the collection of your personal information within the fair and reasonable bounds specified above.

  • 2. Cookies Policy

    We use Cookies to personalise and create a responsive and user-friendly experience for you. For instance, Cookies help you resume previous searches, locate pages you have visited before and find similar content you may be interested in browsing. They also help us keep track of our website analytics to adjust and adapt our Services for the best user experience. If you disable Cookies, you can still access the website; you may, however, experience limited functionality.
  • 3. Intellectual Property Policy

    All intellectual property - including logos, written, video, audio, graphic and other content, web design, and so on - of UniSearch is licensed and protected under Australian and international intellectual property laws.
    We prohibit:
    • Republishing or reproducing our intellectual property on other sites
    • Unauthorised downloads of intellectual property
    • Unauthorised usage of intellectual property for third-party commercial use
    • Claiming UniSearch’s intellectual property as belonging to a third party (including the user)
    • Attempts to revise, remove, or otherwise interfere or tamper with the UniSearch website and its intellectual property and assets
    • Unauthorised distribution of our intellectual property
  • 4. User Conduct

    As a user of our Services you agree that:
    • All information you provide us with - including personal information and mandatory and supplemental documents to build and support your higher education applications - is accurate, complete, and up-to-date
    • You will not misrepresent information or use a false identity to utilise our Services
    • You will not pretend to represent a member of UniSearch or affiliated entity
    • You will not collect, store and use the personal information of other users or otherwise interfere with the accounts, applications and other processes undertaken by other users
    • You will not engage in malicious behaviours including but not limited to spamming, using inappropriate language, abusing our Services, harassing our users, UniSearch personnel or affiliated entities, through UniSearch forums, chat functions or other channels and communication mediums
    • You will comply with all applicable rules and regulations, including all relevant laws and the Terms of this agreement
    • UniSearch may at its sole discretion review your account and suspend or block it should it be deemed necessary
    • Multiple accounts for a single user are prohibited
  • 5. Limitations of Liability

    By using our website and associated Services, you understand that we:
    • Have no control over the final admissions decision of the academic institutions you apply to
    • Cannot guarantee that the academic institutions you apply to will prioritise or process your application
    • Do not guarantee that our Services will be delivered without interruptions and/or be error-free. We account for human error as well as Services disruption due to maintenance, network failures, and other technical difficulties
    • Shall not be held liable for any damages including but not limited to the loss of profits or revenue, personal information, data corruption, software failure, etc. incurred by you or by any third party using our Services
    • Cannot ensure that all information displayed on the website is up-to-date and current at all times
    • Do not endorse the personal opinions and views expressed by members of the UniSearch community, counsellors, mentors, and other personnel and affiliated entities through forums, chats, and so forth
    • Do not claim that all the information provided through our contents is a complete representation of the distinct requirements and characteristics of academic institutions and study abroad destinations
    • Do not claim that all information provided through our contents is error-free and accurate
  • 6. Governing Laws

    These Terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the law applicable in New South Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales and any court having jurisdiction to hear appeals from those courts.
  • 7. Acceptance

    You agree that by continuing to use the UniSearch website and all associated Services that you have read our Terms and related policies and accept these conditions.