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Top Ten Textile Universities in Bangladesh

Jul 11, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Top Ten Textile Universities in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the largest garment exporters worldwide, and its RMG (ready-made garment) industry’s annual revenue and growth are accelerating daily. Thus, the need for highly skilled textile engineers is always at its peak, so textile engineering remains a coveted subject for aspiring students. Which is where we come in, with the top ten textile universities in Bangladesh!

Which university can help you acquire the required knowledge and training to excel in varied textile and apparel industries? UniSearch’s experts have the answer and bring you this article featuring the top Bangladeshi universities for textile engineering.

Top Ten Textiles Universities in Bangladesh

Below, we break down our top 5 picks out of both public and private universities in Bangladesh offering excellent textile engineering programs.

Public Universities for Textile Engineering
Private Universities for Textile Engineering
Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)
Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University
BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology
Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET)
Daffodil International University
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Southeast University
Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST)
Green University of Bangladesh

Top 5 Public Universities in Bangladesh for Textile Engineering

1. Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX)

Situated in an urban setting in Dhaka, Bangladesh University of Textiles, commonly known as BUTEX, is the country's first public university to teach textile engineering. It is reputed for its academic work and professional degrees.

This university has affiliations with six textile engineering colleges. Jointly these educational institutes offer many success-driven academic programs. BUTEX administers many academic and professional study programs in various fields of textile technology, advanced business, fashion design, marketing strategies, and many other disciplines.

Besides offering students exceptional study programs, this university offers you a remarkable campus-life experience. After joining this university, you can participate in many student-run organizations and clubs and engage in co-curricular activities to stay active all year round.

Another benefit you will get by participating in these clubs and organizations is that you will build a valuable network of professionals across diverse fields and, more importantly, make lifelong friends. Hence, a textile engineering education here can help you acquire greater academic and professional success.

2. Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University

Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University is Bangladesh's 12th oldest public university, with a strong focus on teaching science, business and technology.

This university runs 16 departments, among which the Department of Textile Engineering (TE) is our topic of discussion. This department launched in 2005 with 51 students and three full-time faculty members. Today, it houses 13 faculty members and 300 undergraduate and 70 postgraduate students.

This department allows all eligible students to gather theoretical and practical knowledge on varied fields of textile, including spinning, weaving, garments manufacturing, knitting and more. Since students get hands-on learning opportunities here, they have opportunities to work in renowned institutions in both government and private sectors of the field after graduation.

You’ll experience a memorable student life while learning here, thanks to the university’s massive campus, residence halls, community clubs and facilities for future textile engineers.

3. Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET)

If we discuss the top ten textile universities in Bangladesh, we have to mention Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology or DUET. Its fantastic academic curriculum and other facilities make it an obvious pick for this list!

It is a public engineering and technological research university offering many career-driven study programs in engineering and architecture disciplines. Its Department of Textile Engineering started its journey in 2005 with a vision of producing the country’s best textile engineers.

This department runs under 16 highly qualified, dynamic and dedicated faculty members who teach the latest scientific techniques for manufacturing several fabric varieties. As a result, students get in-depth knowledge about the design and control of all aspects of textiles.

This department successfully produces graduates with creative, adaptable, and problem-solving skills through a world-class teaching and learning environment. These skilled graduates thrive well in different textile fields, securing high-paying jobs in or outside the country.

4. Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)

Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, formerly known as BIT Khulna and currently popular as KUET, is a leading public university in the country. It strongly emphasizes delivering outstanding engineering education across diverse disciplines.

This university runs a Department of Textile Engineering where aspiring students study various principles of engineering and scientific methodologies in the design of all aspects of fiber, textile, and apparel processes.

Additionally, you will learn about different chemical usages and physical principles of polymers’ behavior and other raw materials in the formation of textile fibers and fabric manufacturing.

Consequently, students acquire comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all textile disciplines and become experts in this field. By enrolling in an undergraduate program in this Department of Textile, you will learn all the latest methods currently in use by the textile industry.

5. Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST)

Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST) is a leading public university in Bangladesh, ensuring top-notch education. Established in 2007, it is the fourth in Khulna and the first public university in Jessore.

This university administers a faculty of Engineering and Technology, which conducts a four-year undergraduate program in B.Sc. in Textile Engineering. Through this program, this university delivers comprehensive education and training in various aspects of the textile industry.

A team of experienced faculty members with academic and industry experience conduct classes in textile engineering and provide valuable guidance, mentorship, and support to you throughout your educational journey. Thus, you gain practical insights into the textile sector and prepare yourself for real-world challenges.

All this said, studying textile engineering at this university can equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic textile industry.

Top 5 Private Universities in Bangladesh for Textile Engineering

We have already learned a bit about some public universities in Bangladesh. It is time to look at the breakdown of the top five private universities offering excellent degrees in textile engineering.

1. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)

Founded in 1995 by Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, aka AUST, is a prestigious private university in the country. Since its inception, it has prepared numerous skilled graduates who work in diverse industries and positively shape society.

In 1998, this university launched the Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering program and became the first private university in Bangladesh to introduce this outstanding course. This study program covers all aspects of textile engineering, from yarn, fabric, and dyeing to fashion and apparel manufacturing.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE) have accredited this career-focused program. Additionally, this program follows an international-standard curriculum to deliver students first-rate education in textile engineering.

Around 29 faculty members with excellent academic backgrounds and textile work experience oversee this course. You get the opportunity to learn from experts and get hands-on learning experience to utilize later in Bangladesh’s booming textile and apparel industries.

2. BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology

Dedicated to producing skilled human resources for ready-made garment and textile sectors of Bangladesh, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) is one of the best private universities for textile engineering.

This university is proud to own the most advanced textile lab in Bangladesh to practically help support you in learning everything about textiles.

After enrolling in this textile engineering course, you will engage in live projects and lab work. Consequently, you will develop creative skills and get work experience even before graduation. You will also learn excellent interpersonal and team-building skills while working on projects with peers.

So, as you become well aware of what employers are looking for, you can easily compete in the recent job market and secure your dream job.

3. Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University is another prominent educational institute on this list of the top ten textile universities in Bangladesh. It operates several undergraduate and graduate programs, among which the textile engineering course remains coveted among aspiring students.

Through a competitive admission test, meritorious students get the opportunity to study a four-year B.SC in Textile Engineering program at this university. The Department of Textile Engineering at Daffodil International University runs this undergraduate course.

You will learn different clothing and textile manufacturing processes in this program. Additionally, you will gather knowledge on production planning & control, T&C management and more. This helps you outperform the competition thanks to your hands-on learning and practical experience.

Daffodil International University gives students comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of textile engineering and prepares them with the required training employers seek. Entering this university can help you achieve your dreams of success in this field.

4. Southeast University

Ranked 12th among top private universities in Dhaka according to the Tribune's Private University Ranking 2019, Southeast University, commonly known as SEU, is a popular private educational institute in Bangladesh.

This university oversees a Department of Textile Engineering, which offers excellent teaching and practical training under highly skilled faculty members with exceptional academic backgrounds and industry-work experience.

Besides, this department features well-equipped labs to help future textile engineers get familiar with the latest machines and their functionalities. This university also comes with a modern library filled with resources on textile engineering that support students during research and other academic activities.

Studying textile engineering allows you to visit various garments and textile enterprises, since this university has direct linkages with these industries. As a result, you get to know the natural work environment while gaining real-world work experience.

All these facilities make this university incredibly attractive among students like you seeking to study textile engineering.

5. Green University of Bangladesh

The last private university we will discuss in this article is the Green University of Bangladesh, aka GUB. It runs several industry-forward and career-driven academic programs.

You will get first-rate education if you choose to study the BSc in Textile Engineering program at this university. FYI, this is a newly launched course at GUB. Yet, it will allow you to learn the basic principles of textile engineering and methodologies used in different textile and apparel sectors.

This job-oriented course is designed to make you a skilled textile engineer and help you fulfill the needs of our national textile industries. Even a degree in textile engineering from this reputed university can land you a high-paying job abroad.

So, GUB has everything to facilitate your path to studying textile engineering and elevate your academic and professional careers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which University is the Best for Textile Engineering in Bangladesh?

It isn't easy to name only one university as the best for textile engineering. All the universities you have come across through this article sit in the list of the best category. But if you need some top names, we can mention Bangladesh University of Textiles, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, and many other institutes.

Which University is the Best for Textile Engineering in Dhaka?

Again, there isn’t only one name when you ask this question. Dhaka houses several of the best educational institutes for textile engineering. Some promising ones are BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology, Southeast University, Primeasia University, and more.

What is the Salary of a Textile Engineer in Bangladesh?

Textile engineers can earn handsomely working in various sectors in Bangladesh. A fresh graduate from a reputed university can expect to earn BDT 25,000 to BDT 45,000 monthly. However, experienced engineers can make anywhere from BDT 60,000 to BDT 125,000.

Our Concluding Thoughts

Finding the top ten textile universities in Bangladesh may be challenging since this country hosts several best-quality universities ideal for textile engineering. All these educational institutes, especially those in this article, offer the highest quality education and training students seek to achieve their dream careers. Which is your pick for your textile engineering pursuits?