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Deadline for July Intake in Australian Universities

Nov 05, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Deadline for July Intake in Australian Universities

Thinking of applying for the July 2024 intake in Australia? Every year numerous students apply for admission to Australian universities in order to receive a high-quality education. While most apply for major intakes, some may miss their chance of admission by pushing it too close to the deadline.

Thus, knowing the deadline for your target intake is crucial. Bearing that in mind, today, our UniSearch experts will discuss everything you need to know about the deadline for July intake in Australian universities for 2024.

What is the July Intake in Australia?

Australian universities accept students through two prominent intakes: February and July. Some universities offer September and November intakes as well.

The July intake is known as the Spring or Winter intake. It’s also often known as Semester 2, with the February intake or Semester 1 representing the beginning of the Australian academic year.

Although the February intake is typically the most popular one, the July semester comes in at a close second. February-March (also known as the Autumn session) in Australia sees the largest number of universities offer the most programs.

If you miss the February margin, you can easily target the deadline for July intake in Australian universities instead. Most if not all universities accept applications for this intake at most study levels.

To understand the Australian intake system, you need to remember that Australian seasons work differently than what you know.

Intakes beginning in July or August are known as the Spring session because, in the land down under, seasons are upside down too. Thanks to its location in the southern hemisphere, Australia enjoys flipped seasons compared to the northern hemisphere.

The July intake application deadline in Australian universities remains between April and May. Thus, you must complete your admission application before the deadline. In fact, we advise you to have the CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment) and Subclass 500 visa ready before April. Consequently, you will be in Australia when your spring/winter semester (July intake) begins.

Courses Offered in the July Intake

Nearly all types of study programs are available in the July intake - meaning there is no limit in your course choices. You can effortlessly find your favorite one at your preferred university. Below, we will discuss what course types many Australian universities offer during the July intake. 

  • Associate Diploma and Australian Quality Framework Diploma Programs

  • Undergraduate Diploma and Advanced Diploma Programs

  • Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate Courses

  • TAFE Certificate III and IV

  • Most Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Courses

Within these study levels, you can choose courses like Education, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Arts, Health Sciences, Tourism, and more while applying for the July intake.

Timeline for July Intake in Australia

If you want to avoid any delays that can hamper you while applying for the July intake, follow the steps below. UniSearch experts tell you below when to accomplish specific admission-related tasks before the deadline.

Step-1: Do Some Research and Groundwork (August to November)

You must prepare for admission in August 2023 if you plan to get admission for the July 2024 intake in Australia. At this time, you will be researching courses and universities.

You will shortlist universities in August after visiting each university’s official website, checking admission criteria, intake deadlines, scholarship opportunities, and other things associated with admission.

Step-2: Sit for the English Language Proficiency Exam (December to February)

After shortlisting your universities, you must take the standardized English language proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE Academic.

Additionally, you may need to sit for other entrance exams like GRE or GMAT if your chosen university requires you to submit these scores for a postgraduate program.

Step-3: Apply for Admission (February to March)

Now, you should start applying for your shortlisted universities. You must visit each university’s website, create a student profile and follow their admission guidelines to submit your application before the deadline.

Step-4: Receive a Letter of Acceptance and Apply for the Subclass 500 visa (March to May)

Once you correctly apply to your shortlisted Australian universities, you will get several responses. A successful admission gets you the Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE).

Choose your preferred university and accept the offer to move forward with your visa. You can now look into applying for a scholarship or education loan and Subclass 500 visa.

Step-5: Fly to Australia (June to July)

Now, you are all set to travel to Australia and begin your journey of completing higher education. Once you get your visa, it’s time to book accommodation, be it on- or off-campus. We recommend researching your preferred future homes early on, so you don’t wait until the last minute to book a place to stay. While we don’t suggest booking your accommodation before you get your visa, working ahead saves you time and effort!

Once your visa and accommodation are in place, the next step is to book your flight. It’s always good to arrive in Australia a good while before your intake start date. You’ll need the time to get to know the place and take advantage of orientation and welcome sessions on campus.

Documents Required for the July Intake in Australian Universities

While applying to an Australian educational institute, you must have the following documents on you for your application. Based on the academic institute, you may need more or fewer documents than the ones below.

  • A valid passport

  • All academic transcripts and certificates

  • English language proficiency test scores

  • Other admission-related exam scores

  • Proof of work experience (if required)

  • Statement of purpose

  • Letter of recommendations

  • CV/Resume

  • Passport-size photographs

Best Australian Universities to Choose Considering the Deadline for July Intake

Many universities in Australia offer top-notch and job-ready courses during the July intake. The table below shows the deadline for July intake in Australian universities we highly recommend as top-tier educational institutes.

Australian Universities
QS World Rankings 2024
Application Deadline for the July Intake
The University of Melbourne
1431 May
The University of Queensland
25 May
Monash University
4230 June
University of Wollongong
1 December to 1 March
RMIT University
15 April
University of Newcastle
28 May
Curtin University
10 July
Macquarie University
13015 March
Queensland University of Technology
31 May
Griffith University
3 June
La Trobe University
3 to 21 July
James Cook University
30 April to 26 June
Western Sydney University
15 May
Edith Cowan University
10 July
CQUniversity Australia
6 June
University of Southern Queensland
11 July
Southern Cross University
30 June
Charles Sturt University
28 April to 30 June
University of the Sunshine Coast
28 July
Federation University Australia
-27 February to 9 July

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Can I Apply for the July Intake in Australia?

You must apply for the July intake before the deadline based on your chosen university. We recommend you apply as early as possible since a late admission application can result in missing the seat in your favorite course.

Which Intake is Better for Australia?

You will find all intakes have their pros and cons. But based on different factors, the February intake tends to be more popular than any other intake in Australia as it lets students access many career-focused courses while enjoying other significant benefits such as lucrative scholarship programs. February is the start of the Australian academic calendar and thus sees the most programs on offer by most universities.

Is Australia Good for Bangladeshi and Indian Students?

Of course, Australia is an excellent destination for international students, including Bangladeshi and Indians. Every year numerous Bangladeshi and Indian students get admission to several Australian universities as these institutions are world-class and have a significant graduate employability rate!

Our Concluding Thoughts

The deadline for July intake in Australian universities varies from university to university. Most educational institutes usually book April and May as July intake deadlines. Hence, you must apply for admission before April to secure a seat at your preferred university.

While applying for admission as early as possible, you must remember not to apply in a rush lest you make mistakes. We hope this article helps you with admission through the July intake for Australia.