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Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in Australia for 2024

Nov 05, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in Australia for 2024

Bangladeshi students consider themselves incredibly fortunate to get the opportunity to study in Australia. After all, this country is one of the best study destinations in the world! That's why the number of Bangladeshi students in Australia is rising yearly. And so is the number of searches for scholarships for Bangladeshi students in Australia.

In fact, the number of students from Bangladesh aiming to study in Bangladesh can be even higher. Some students don't even apply for admission, thinking about the study cost in Australia. But by looking through the many scholarships for Bangladeshi students in Australia shortlisted by UniSearch's experts for 2023-2024, you won't be in that number. Hence, buckle up and dive in to explore your best-suited scholarship programs.

Types of Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in Australia

You will encounter several types of scholarships while searching for scholarship opportunities in Australia. To help you save the hassle of all the extra research, UniSearch's team explores below all the scholarship types you can find in Australia.

i. Merit-Based Scholarships

Many Australian educational institutes put merit-based scholarships on offer. And these financial aid options are accessible to students with remarkable academic results. But having good grades isn't the only criterion. Some universities may look for other qualities, such as leadership skills, to award you merit-based scholarships. 

Here are some common merit scholarships in Australia that you can apply for as a Bangladeshi student. 

  • Chancellor's Scholarship 

  • Vice Chancellor's Scholarship 

  • Dean's Scholarship 

  • Excellence Scholarship

  • Leadership Scholarship

and so on.

ii. Faculty & Departmental Scholarships

This one isn't a whole separate scholarship type. In essence, it's a merit-based scholarship accessible to students with excellent academic results and interest in particular fields of study, such as music, engineering, social studies, theater, language, and more.

Essentially, you may be eligible for scholarships offered exclusively by the department or faculty of your field! So be sure to look into these exclusive offerings for your program of choice.

Here are some common faculty & departmental scholarships you will come across in Australia.

  • Arts and Humanities Scholarship

  • Architecture and Design Scholarship

  • Engineering Scholarship

  • Information Technology and Computer Science Scholarship

  • Accounting and Business Scholarship, etc.

iii. Accommodation Scholarship

Accommodation scholarship is a cool option to look into for international students in Australia. Many universities offer this scholarship to prospective students meeting the criteria to make the study cost affordable.

The beauty of this scholarship is that students who don't have excellent academic results can still apply for the accommodation scholarship and benefit from it. Students usually receive room and settlement costs once they get the accommodation scholarship.

iv. Sports Scholarship

This is another form of merit scholarship in Australia with many benefits. Students receiving this scholarship get financial support to cover tuition fees, accommodation, and travel. Some sports scholarship programs even offer more than what you have just read. 

In short, many educational institutes in Australia provide almost everything through sports scholarships to student-athletes to help them thrive in this country, complete their higher studies and reach their dream.  

v. Equity Scholarship

This is a special kind of scholarship that many universities offer to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Australia. Primarily, it is available for international students with physical disabilities and medical conditions. 

Students from low-income backgrounds and undergoing financial crises tend to receive Equity Scholarships to lessen their hurdles of studying in Australia.  

vi. Government Scholarship

As its name suggests, the Australian government offers such scholarships to eligible international students. The government provides this scholarship to international students pursuing higher studies in various categories. Below, you will learn more about these different scholarship classifications. 

vii. Australia Awards Scholarships

These are full-ride scholarships in Australia, provided by the Australian government and administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The DFAT oversees over 2,000 scholarships and provides these programs to overseas students from 27 countries.

Australia Awards Scholarships let international students pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate courses free of cost. Not only this, but students who obtain these scholarships receive funds for accommodation, travel, and other essentials. 

viii. The Research Training Program (RTP)

The Research Training Program is a combination of former scholarship programs, including the Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA), International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS), and the Research Training Scheme (RTS). Universities participating in this program will receive grants, which will be distributed to students seeking higher education - especially those enrolling in research master's programs, part-time master's programs, and doctorate programs. 

ix. Destination Australia Program

The Australian government hosts this Destination Australia Program. The government grants it to tertiary education providers who financially support domestic and international students residing in regional Australia who undertake high-quality education, training, and research. 

This program offers over 1000 scholarships yearly. Every student this program awards receives up to AUD 15,000 annually. The sole aim of this program is to support remote and regional Australian tertiary education providers to let them ensure a regional share in the cultural, social, and economic benefits that learners bring. 

You now know about the most significant scholarship types in Australia. Soon, you will learn about the eligibility criteria as you start skimming through the following section.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships

The eligibility criteria for scholarships for Bangladeshi students in Australia significantly vary based on what educational institute you prefer to enroll in and what scholarship program you choose to apply for financial support. 

Below, you will learn about the general requirements for scholarships in Australia.

You must

  • Be a resident outside Australia and have proof of citizenship (e.g., birth certificate, nid, or passport)

  • At the time of application, be 18 years of age or older

  • Have authentic and English-translated copies of all academic transcripts and certificates

  • Achieve the required grade point average in your previous academic level as specified by your chosen scholarship program

  • Have a copy of TOEFL, PTE, or IELTS test results to prove English language proficiency and acquire the minimum score in these to qualify for a scholarship in Australia

  • Be an unsponsored student and possess the Confirmation of Enrollment

  • Submit a CV/Resume highlighting your achievements, responsibilities, and work history if you apply for postgraduate courses requiring work experience

  • Have a letter of recommendation(s) and a letter of intent.

  • According to some scholarship programs, demonstrate leadership ability and other skills

  • Above all, meet all the requirements set by your selected scholarship program

Excellent Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in Australia

Here are some full-ride scholarships you can apply for as a Bangladeshi student to enjoy the ultimate benefits and ease your efforts while studying in Australia.

1. Australian Government Research and Training Program (RTP)

The RTP offers grants every year to local or international students in research doctorate or research masters programs. Offering up to an AUD 29,863 stipend annually, you may receive an offer under this program for one or more of the following:

  • Tuition fee offset

  • Allowance covering your living costs

  • Any ancillary costs tied to your research

To obtain this scholarship, here are the significant criteria you must meet. 

  • You must be either a domestic or overseas student enrolled in a research masters or research doctorate course at an accredited university in Australia. 

  • You can't receive funds from any other source(s) to support your living cost while undertaking a course - more specifically, the received amount can't be greater than 75% of the RTP's annual stipend

  • Lastly, you can't receive benefits from other scholarship programs while receiving the RTP stipend

2. Australia Awards Scholarships

We went into these scholarships earlier in this piece, but let’s get into it in more detail. Here is the criteria you must fulfill as a Bangladeshi student to receive the immense benefits of Australia Awards Scholarships. 

Eligibility Criteria


  • Must be an unmarried citizen of Bangladesh and hold a degree equivalent to Australia's bachelor's degree

  • Can't apply to another Australian scholarship program

  • Must meet the admission requirements of the Australian academic institution where you will get this scholarship

  • Must satisfy all the criteria of the Department of Home Affairs

  • Need to have a scorecard for IELTS with a band score of 6.5 or possess a scorecard for other English language proficiency test exams with an equivalent score 

  • Need to demonstrate three years of work experience relevant to your field of study

  • Must return to Bangladesh for at least two years upon completion of your study

Scholarship Worth

Scholarship recipients will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Full tuition fees

  • Health insurance

  • Travel allowance

  • Fieldwork allowance

  • Funds for living cost

  • Funds to support the additional or introductory academic program

3. The University of Sydney International Scholarship

As the title suggests, The University of Sydney offers this scholarship to international students. Suppose you want to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate course at this prestigious university. In that case, you will be eligible for a fully-funded scholarship upon meeting the eligibility criteria below.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Enroll in any course as an international student

  • Have excellent academic achievements and research potential

  • Possess an unconditional offer letter


  • A full waiver on tuition fees

4. Griffith University Scholarships

Griffith University offers more than 600 scholarship programs to help domestic and international students complete their studies with little to no cost to achieve their dreams. 

This university oversees merit-based, equity, sports, and many other scholarships. Thus, you can easily find a scholarship regardless of your academic background and chosen study area! Some scholarships worth mentioning this first-rate education hub offers are below:

  • International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship:
    Eligibility criteria: For 25% of tuition fees for duration of undergraduate or postgraduate program:

    • Have a minimum GPA of 5.5 out of 7 or an equivalent 

    • Satisfy the admissions and English language requirements for the course

    • Be a full-time student starting in 2023

  • International Student Academic Merit Scholarship:
    Eligibility criteria: For 20% of tuition fees for duration undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) programs:

    • Have a minimum GPA of 5.00 to 5.49 out of 7 or equivalent

    • Satisfy the admissions and English language requirements for the course

    • Be a full-time student starting in 2023

These are just a few of the scholarships on offer - be sure to look into the options that match your program and requirements!

5. Melbourne Research Scholarship

The University of Melbourne grants domestic and international students pursuing a graduate research degree or a doctoral degree fully-funded scholarships. Alongside offering a 100% waiver on tuition fees, this university also provides other jaw-dropping benefits that you can glance at below.

Scholarship Worth

  • Full tuition fee waiver for students commencing a Master by Research degree or a doctoral degree

  • An annual living allowance of AUD 34,400

  • Relocation allowance ranging between AUD 2,000 and 3,000

  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) 

6. Deakin Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship

This is a popular scholarship program accessible to all students pursuing any course at Deakin University. Eligible students will receive a full or 50% waiver on tuition fees. Below you will find details on the scholarship criteria:

  • Need to be a prospective international student

  • Must qualify for study at Deakin University

  • Must acquire 85% score in previous studies

7. Enterprise Research Scholarship (ERS)

The ERS is a lucrative scholarship open to international students with outstanding academic results and research potential. The University of South Australia and/or its partners administer this scholarship program.

Scholarship Value
For a maximum of two years, Master of Research students and four year-PhD students can avail of an annual AUD 28,854 stipend. Besides, researchers will receive limited funds for relocation and thesis purposes.


8. Monash University International Merit Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship is available to all international students who enroll with Monash University and commence undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Learners will get around AUD 10,000 per year to bear their educational expenses. To qualify for this scholarship, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Receive a Monash offer

  • Enroll full-time in an undergraduate or postgraduate course

  • Achieve 85% grades in previous studies

  • Intend to be an ambassador for Monash University

These are some of the major scholarships available in Australia for prospective Bangladeshi students. And by no means are they the only scholarships Bangladeshi students can explore in Australia. With the help of these scholarship programs, you can effortlessly support your educational and living expenses and study in this stunning country. 

Application Procedure

The application process for applying for a scholarship program in Australia can be distinctly different based on what scholarship you select. Sometimes you won't need to separately apply for a scholarship as some universities will automatically consider you for a financial award based on your academic results, work experience, and other criteria while applying for admission.

On the other hand, some universities, governments, and private organizations will require you to visit scholarship websites, create a profile, fill out a form with the necessary information, and submit essential documents to apply for a scholarship program. That means there is no specific pathway to obtain a scholarship program. You need to follow particular steps described on the scholarship website of your chosen one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Easy to Receive a Scholarship in Australia?

The answer depends on which scholarship program you intend to apply for. FYI, some programs are highly competitive and are challenging to get, while others are comparatively easier. You may get automatic consideration for a scholarship as soon as you apply for a program, or need to file a separate scholarship application. Whatever the case, thorough research and meeting the eligibility criteria boost your chances significantly. 

How Much CGPA is Needed for a Scholarship in Australia?

Before disclosing the required CGPA for a scholarship in Australia, we want you to know that Australian universities and other educational institutes follow a different point-grading scale than what you may be used to. Instead of the mainstream 4.0 CGPA scale, these institutes rely on a 7.0 GPA scale to assess students' merit. Given that statement, you must typically achieve a 5.0 GPA or higher to qualify for most merit-based scholarships in Australia. You will need to check whether your grades are equivalent to your chosen scholarship’s minimum requirements.

Is IELTS Required for Australia Award Scholarship?

You must prove your English language proficiency to qualify for this scholarship program. You must submit your English language assessment test score, whether it is a score for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other equivalent exams. 

What Exams Are Required for Scholarships in Australia?

You generally won't have to take specific exams to qualify for a scholarship in Australia. Typically, as long as you fulfill the eligibility requirements for admission into your chosen program - including English language proficiency and other admission criteria - you’ll be eligible for attached scholarships too. 

Which Universities Offer 100 Percent Scholarships in Australia?

Many universities in Australia offer fully-funded scholarships to domestic and international students to help them continue their studies. The University of Sydney, Griffith University, The University of Melbourne, and Deakin University are significant, to name a few. 

What is the Study Cost in Australia for Bangladeshi Students?

The study cost in Australia significantly varies depending on which university and program you choose to pursue your higher education, where you decide to reside, and your lifestyle. Generally, international students need to spend around BDT 1,418,146 to 3,545,365 on annual tuition fees. Besides this, they pay around BDT 1,276,331 to 1,418,146 yearly to cover accommodation, travel, and living expenses. 

Our Concluding Thoughts

Australia is home to numerous top-of-the-line educational institutes offering first-rate education, which is costly. However, you can support the high cost with the help of the scholarships provided by many Australian universities and private and government organizations.

Alongside the scholarships for Bangladeshi students in Australia we present above, there are plenty more on offer by Australia’s excellent universities and institutions. We hope you explore these scholarship programs thoroughly, apply for one or more programs correctly, and happily conduct your study abroad journey!