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Why Study in Australia - According to Experts

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Why Study in Australia - According to Experts

Jan 13, 2022Date Published
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Why Study in Australia - According to Experts

If you ask around about where your friends or classmates plan on studying, there’s a strong chance Australia will pop up in the conversation. They’re certainly not the only ones with their sights set on this island country. In 2019, Australia held a record high of international students, clocking in at 701,591. Although Australia, like all study abroad destinations, experienced a slump in numbers over 2020-21 because of Covid-19 mandated travel restrictions, numbers are already bouncing back as restrictions ease in 2022. So, what makes the Land of Oz such a popular study abroad destination? Find out exactly why hundreds of thousands of students want to study in Australia.

6 Reasons to Study in Australia

1. Get a Top-Tier Education

It goes without saying that among the first factors to consider when choosing where to study is the quality of education. And on that front, Australia has you covered. Out of its 43 universities, Australia ranks an impressive 36 in the QS World University 2022 rankings. Five of these hold coveted spots in the top 50, while the top ten Australian universities fall within the best 200 universities worldwide. This list of institutions also includes Australia’s world-famous Group of Eight (Go8) universities. These flagship universities stand out because of their incredible performance in academic and research leadership:

  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Melbourne
  • Australian National University
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Queensland
  • Monash University
  • University of Western Australia
  • UNSW Sydney

Australian universities have consistently nurtured pioneers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Inventions that changed the entire world – including the WiFi you’re using to read this article – came to be thanks to Australian university graduates! Naturally, then, a degree from any Australian university says volumes about your qualifications as a graduate. Your tertiary level qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) have international recognition and respect!

2. Get Hands-On Industry Experience

Another factor that makes these universities so great? Australia is at the forefront of economic and industrial development. And its education system keeps pace. Higher education providers and industry practitioners collaborate in structuring the course content you’ll cover. This means you’re actively picking up the skills and knowledge in demand in the workplace! Your degree primes you for employment by the time you graduate. 

That’s not all! One of the major benefits of studying in Australia for international students is the opportunity to work while you study. When you qualify for the Subclass 500 Student visa, you get to work in Australia part-time for 40 hours every fortnight. You’re free to split the hours up as you like over the two weeks! A fortnight officially begins on Monday and ends on Sunday the following week. So make sure you don’t go over your number of work hours! Over semester breaks, you can work full-time.

The perks of this opportunity are plenty. For starters, working part-time helps you offset your expenses when studying abroad. While living costs can vary widely within the country – after all, Australia is a huge country – a little extra pocket money is always a good thing. Plus, the experience goes a long way in your professional and personal development. Working while you study teaches you to manage your routine and time, develop a sense of responsibility, and gather a ton of soft skills in demand today. You might think that working as a barista or a store clerk isn’t in line with your degree. But you’re picking up plenty of skills through the experience, like communication, teamwork, time management, and adaptability. And these are all things employers value in prospective candidates! These skills perfectly complement the industry- and field-specific knowledge and skills you acquire through your course.

Need some more convincing? 

Here’s something to chew on. Twenty Australian universities land in the top 500 QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022! And of these, two – the University of Sydney and University of Melbourne – hold the #4 and #8 spots respectively. The numbers are doing the talking. When you study in Australia, you secure your chances of launching your career right after graduation!

3. Unlock Post-Study Opportunities

Another of the major advantages of studying in Australia is its post-study opportunities. Australia is one of the most immigration-friendly countries for students! After graduating, students can continue staying and working in the country through the Post-Study Work stream. By qualifying for the Subclass 485 visa, you can stay in Australia after graduation for 2-4 years. The duration of your visa depends on your qualification level:

  • Bachelor’s degree/Bachelor’s (honours) degree: 2 years
  • Master’s degree (coursework): 2 years
  • Master’s degree (research): 3 years
  • Doctoral degree: 4 years
  • Hong Kong or British National Overseas passport holders completing any of the above: 5 years

As a full-time student with one of the above qualifications from a CRICOS-registered course and a valid Student visa, you can qualify for the Subclass 485 visa too! Heads up – the application process can be a bit lengthy. So, we recommend looking into a complete checklist of eligibility and application requirements early on. This gives you room to coordinate your post-study plans. 

As one of the world’s leading economic and knowledge sectors, working full-time in Australia is a unique and priceless opportunity. You get to propel your career forward, create new opportunities, network with industry professionals, and pick up all the qualities of a dynamic, in-demand worker. Plus, building up your work experience here can pave the way to permanent residency! To apply for the work-stream permanent residence visa, you need:

  • Sponsorship from an Australian employer, OR
  • Skills in demand in Australia

By coming in to study in Australia, you automatically access opportunities for post-study work and residency options after graduation!

4. Find Your Place Within a Diverse Community

Heading far from home to a foreign country is a nerve-wracking prospect. Many of the students we work with express the fear of being a fish out of water in a foreign country. If you’re one of these students, we have some good news for you. One of the most attractive qualities of Australia to international students is its diversity! Nearly half of Australia’s citizens are foreign-born or have a parent of a different nationality. Unsurprisingly – but incredibly, nonetheless – Australia ranks seven cities in the top 50 of QS Top Universities' Best Student Cities 2022 for student mix! Melbourne has a perfect score of 100. Sydney follows close behind at nearly 99. The seven cities collectively score between 80 and 100 for the student mix indicator! So, rest assured – Australians thrive in their cultural diversity. You’ll fit right in among the melting pot of languages, cultures, and ethnicities the world’s smallest continent is famous for. 

It won’t be far off the mark to say that it’s thanks to this multicultural background that Australia is so accommodating to international students. Higher education institutes must by law fulfill accreditation criteria to operate. This maintains both a high quality of education as well as appropriate measures to welcome international students into the fold! Universities and higher education institutes, as well as the cities they’re in, offer student support services including advice on legal rights, accommodation, work placements, and more. 

5. Make Yourself at Home with Australian English

With English as the language spoken by the majority, you can feel confident in communicating and getting around. Even if you’re not fully proficient, Aussies are a very friendly, chill bunch. They’re not going to hold it against you and will be happy to help you out. And as you grow accustomed to the place, you’ll find your language and communication abilities improving too! We admit that Aussie slang takes a bit of getting used to. What we do guarantee is that picking it up yourself is plenty of fun.  

6. Enjoy an Incredible Quality of Life

Alongside being a sought-after study abroad location, Australia is also a highly desirable destination for vacationers and individuals seeking to settle abroad. Australian cities very frequently hold nicknames like “the best city to live in”. To put that into perspective, consider the fact that Melbourne holds the #2 spot among best student cities around the world, according to QS Top Universities! Meanwhile, Sydney is hot on its heels at #4. Altogether, six Australian cities rank within the top 50 of the world’s best student cities.

It’s almost impossible to list all the great things about living in Australia without writing a book or a few. While it is the world’s smallest continent, it’s also the sixth-largest country in the world. You’ll find a range of lifestyles and experiences across the topography of the land. From gorgeous mountains, lush green forests and parks, and azure blue seas, Australia is a sight to behold no matter where you are. All of this co-exists in an effortless balance with state-of-the-art urban-scapes and contemporary culture. 

If you’re looking for the true metropolitan experience, you’ll feel at home among the bustling sights and sounds of Melbourne and Sydney. Looking for something a bit more dialled down, with a blend of suburban living and city life? Brisbane or Adelaide might be perfect for you. Accessible and efficient transport systems link up towns and cities. And you’re nearly always just a trip away from the nearest beach, nature park, or hiking trail. And all this in a safe location with excellent infrastructure, healthcare, work opportunities, and more!

Concluding Thoughts: Why You Should Study in Australia

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Australia always leads us to one conclusion. The pros far outpace the cons by a million miles. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s certainly not an exaggeration to say that Australia is one of the best study abroad destinations in the world. When you study in Australia, you create opportunities to hold world-class qualifications from the best universities. Alongside the excellent academic prospects, you can also build up your work experience in one of the world’s leading economies, experience a wonderful quality of life, and pave the way to settle down in the country! 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Australia good for international students?

Australia is a fantastic choice for international students! Alongside having some of the world’s best universities, the country places several of its cities among the QS Top Universities Best Student Cities 2022 rankings. With an incredible student mix of diverse students from numerous backgrounds and cultures and high standards of education, international students thrive here academically and personally. Plus, the country also has very generous policies for working as a student and after graduation! If you hold the Subclass 500 Student visa, you get to work part-time for 40 hours over two weeks. Plus, industry insight and needs inform course content. These often include opportunities for internships and work placements! And after you’re done with your studies, you can choose to stay on and work in Australia through the Subclass 485 visa while working on a residency pathway.

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Are Australian degrees recognized worldwide?

They absolutely are. 36 of Australia’s 43 universities score a spot on the QS World University Rankings 2022. A degree under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) sets you apart as a candidate within a global workforce.