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Why Study in the UK?

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Why Study in the UK?

Jan 16, 2022Date Published
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The UK has hundreds of years of legacy as a leader in higher education. And for generations, it’s been a popular destination for international students as well. With some of the world’s oldest and most reputable universities and a constant pursuit for high-quality education, this isn’t about to change any time soon either. And that’s just one aspect of why UK education is the best, according to so many international students. So, why study in the UK?

Top 10 Reasons to Study in the UK

1. Get a Globally Recognised Degree

An impressive number of the best universities in the world are UK-based! The University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge, rank #7 and #11 respectively on the QS World University Rankings 2022. According to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings of 2022, the University of Oxford earns the crowning position of #1!

That’s not all. 25 of the top 200 universities on QS World University Rankings 2022 are in the UK. Similarly, 28 of the top 200 universities on THE’s 2022 World University Rankings are also in the UK.

These rankings reflect both the reputation and recognition of UK universities worldwide. Graduating with a degree from a UK institution is like an express pass to your future. These qualifications let employers across the world know that you’re a highly qualified candidate. QS Top Universities ranks 54 UK universities in its 2022 graduate employability rankings! Getting this edge in the workforce as soon as you graduate is one of the biggest advantages of studying in the UK.

2. Choose from a Broad Variety of Programs

Across hundreds of Higher Education Providers in the UK, there are over 50,000 undergraduate programs for students to choose from. And there are thousands of postgraduate options to choose from as well!

Among popular programs to study in the UK are:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Law
  • Media and Communication
  • Medicine
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Sports Sciences

There is plenty of room for specialisation within these fields and several more options for diverse programs.

3. Study Abroad in the UK Under the Best Teachers

A big reason why people choose to study in the UK is the opportunity to learn from the very best. The UK places great importance on maintaining and enhancing the quality of its Higher Education Providers. Among several initiatives is the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), which regularly accredits all universities against specific standards. Plus, the English government also introduced the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). This rates the quality of teaching of higher education providers at undergraduate level. This gives you the guarantee that you will be studying under the best teachers and academic standards at whichever UK school you enrol in!

4. Complete Your Studies Faster

One of the benefits of studying in the UK compared to Canada or the US is the shorter course completion time. Typically, undergraduate programs in the UK are three years long. Postgraduate programs can be as short as one year long!

This means that you can graduate faster and begin your career faster than you would with a typical four-year program. Plus, the shorter course completion times might also make the UK more affordable for you. You may be paying less in tuition and living costs overall compared to extra years of study in the US or Canada.

5. Work While You Study Opportunities

Most employers value work experience in their fresh graduate applicants. Getting this experience while studying gives you an advantage when applying for work after graduating! It also prepares you for what to expect when beginning your professional career.

Luckily, as an international student in the UK, you get the chance to work while you study. During regular academic sessions, you may work part-time for up 20 hours a week! You can also work 10 hours a week over your breaks.

This doesn’t just let you solidify your résumé with work experience for future job opportunities. It also lets you earn to offset some of your costs when studying abroad in the UK!

6. Apply for Post-Study Work Opportunities

Thanks to the Graduate Immigration Route, international students with valid student visas can apply to work in the UK after graduating! Undergraduate and master’s students may stay on after graduating to work or look for work for two years. PhD students may stay for up to three years after completing their program!

The UK is one of the world’s leading economies. And working here equips you with industry expertise and insight that sets you apart in the global workforce!

7. Pursue Research Opportunities

Education providers in the UK have long been pioneers in research and innovation. In 2021, 42 UK universities rank in the top 300 of the Scimago Institutions Rankings for Research!

This is a huge reason why many hope to study in the UK for postgraduate programs. You have access to state-of-the-art facilities and research-focused environments to pursue your degree in. There are plenty of funding opportunities for doctoral students in the UK. These aren’t limited to schools – the government and several charities and trusts also offer funding options.

If you’re considering pursuing a PhD in the UK, be sure to thoroughly consult your options! You may find specific opportunities tailored to your country of citizenship, program, specialisation, and so on. Postgraduate students may also be eligible to apply for doctoral loans!

8. Enjoy a Multicultural Environment While You Study in the UK

Around 452,225 international (non-EU) students enrolled in the UK between 2020-2021. And this popularity among international students isn’t new. For hundreds of years, the UK has been a major, if not the major, study abroad destination for foreign students.

One of the reasons why students love to study in the UK is precisely this! UK universities have rich histories of hosting students from around the world. They’re accustomed, accommodating, and welcoming to diverse learners of different backgrounds. This means you get to enjoy a truly global experience through all the cultures and nationalities you’ll encounter here. Plus, it also means you’ll very likely find a piece of home in the UK to help you settle in.

9. Apply for Financial Aid

Studying abroad tends to be costly. While you do have to provide proof that you can financially support yourself during your studies, there are financial aid options to consider! Different institutes offer different award schemes for students. These may vary across study levels, programs, and student backgrounds, so make sure you’re thorough when looking into what you’re eligible for!

The UK government also offers generous scholarship schemes for international students. Master’s level students from eligible countries may, for example, qualify for the fully-funded Chevening Scholarship. There are also over 300 awards available to postgraduate students from 15 countries under the GREAT Scholarship program. And these are just a couple of the options to get you started in your research!

10. Opportunities to Travel

Studying in the UK gives you an amazing opportunity to explore the country as well as the rest of Europe! Most locations in Europe are just a couple of hours away by train or air. With a UK student visa, you can travel to up to 34 countries and territories, not limited to Europe!

One of the reasons the UK is such a popular study destination is the opportunity it gives students to explore more of the world. From different cultures, historic landmarks, scenic locations, and new experiences, there is so much to try!

Concluding Thoughts

Studying in the UK guarantees that you will be getting a world-class education. There are tens of thousands of options to choose from in programs. Plus, you get to collect the work experience employers always look out for in job applicants! You’ll graduate with globally recognised qualifications, which also gives you a competitive edge in the workplace. All this, along with the UK’s history with hosting diverse students and vibrant multicultural communities, are just some of the answers to the question “Why study in the UK?”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are UK degrees recognised worldwide?

Yes! UK universities occupy a significant portion of world university rankings. In fact, according to the QS World University Rankings 2022, three of the top twenty universities of the world are in the UK! And that’s not to mention the over 25 UK universities in the top 200. The British education system has been the blueprint that higher education frameworks around the world are built upon. This, along with the UK’s constant efforts to maintain and enhance education quality, means a degree from a UK university holds a lot of weight!

Why is UK education the best?

What “the best” is depends on the preferences and priorities of each person. Objectively, though, the UK ranks impressively high in global university rankings by institution, program, research, and more. Overall, there are many reasons why it’s one of the best destinations for tertiary education! Many of the best universities in the world, including the #1 university in the world according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, are in the UK. Initiatives like the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) regularly evaluate all UK universities against specified quality standards, too! When enrolling in the UK, you know in advance that you are going to get the best possible education in the hands of experts.