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Highest Acceptance Rate Universities in the USA in 2023

Feb 06, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Highest Acceptance Rate Universities in the USA in 2023

Studying at a university in the USA can benefit you in many ways - for instance, it enables you to build a successful career and have a bright future. American universities offer quality education, a unique curriculum, and an unmatched multicultural environment. Enrolling in an American university is challenging but possible, and getting admission becomes effortless when you choose the highest rate universities in the USA for study purposes. That said, in this article, our UniSearch experts have listed the top American universities with a high acceptance rate to help you fulfill your dream of studying in the USA.

Why Study in the USA?

There are myriad reasons why you should study in the USA. The USA hosts some of the most prestigious universities in the world, U.S. degrees have worldwide recognition, and U.S. universities have excellent support systems for international students - the list of reasons goes on. Below, we have discussed these reasons briefly.

1. Exceptional Universities

The USA houses first-rate universities, over 200 of which maintain a top rank in the World University Rankings. So, if you enroll in your preferred course at your dream university, you can rest assured knowing that you will get superb teaching to build a lucrative career.

2. Flexible and Supportive Education System

American universities understand the struggles international students face, so these educational institutes conduct various workshops, training, orientations, and more to make students’ transition to universities in the USA smoother.

Moreover, some American universities help international students grab opportunities to land jobs after graduation to extend their stay in the USA.

3. Diverse Cultures and Lively Campus Life

By being admitted to an American university, you will be able to learn about different cultures by joining different communities filled with people from all around the globe. Also, you will develop a strong personality with a multicultural background that many employers in the USA look for in potential candidates.

Hence, the benefits of studying at an American university are countless, and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of those benefits. We encourage you to look at the list of the top American universities with the highest acceptance rates shared below.

U.S. Universities With a High Acceptance Rate for International Students

Before you explore the list of top American universities with high acceptance, here is a sneak peek below of the acceptance rates of diverse educational institutions in the USA.

List of American Universities 
Acceptance Rate
Marshall University
North Dakota State University
The University of Memphis
85% to 95%
Kansas State University
94% to 96%
University of Kentucky
University of Maine
90% to 96%
East Carolina University
88% to 94%
Arizona State University
Northern Arizona University
78% to 82%
Michigan State University
76% to 83%

1. Marshall University

Let’s begin with a top-class public university in the USA: Marshall University. Named after the fourth chief justice of the USA, John Marshall, the university traces its roots back to 1837. It is a student-centered research university that welcomes cohorts from all over the world, thanks to its impressive 98% acceptance rate.

That means you can easily fulfill your dream of studying in the USA by enrolling in your desired course out of more than 100 degree programs. Not only this, but this academic institution also offers four beautiful campuses to help you study in tranquility and with ultimate focus.

If studying on-campus at Marshall University is a challenge for you, don’t worry; you can study remotely as this university features online-teaching facilities. So, expand your horizon, educate yourself through unique teaching and have a great future by joining the Marshall family.

2. North Dakota State University

Our next pick is North Dakota State University (NDSU), a student-focused, land-grant, public research university. This research institute has an acceptance rate of 95%, meaning it is nearly an open-admission university.

NDSU offers more than 600 courses to choose from. Besides, it has a top-tier faculty, providing world-class teaching. This academic institute encourages you to be a professional in your field with the required skills.

Overall, NDSU is a leading university in the USA that helps you recognize your potential, complete your degree and get a high-paying job in your desired profession.

3. The University of Memphis

The University of Memphis is a research-intensive public university and the second-largest public college in Tennessee. It is full of faculty and researchers who are leaders in their fields.

This educational institute can provide you with the quality education you are seeking. Another amazing fact about it is that it allows plenty of students worldwide to enroll in the course they aspire to, thanks to its acceptance rate, which usually remains between 85% and 95%!

Last but not least, the University of Memphis boasts two stunning campuses. These feature all the amenities of a major urban university and give you excellent places to focus on your studies and gain professional skills through hands-on learning.

4. Kansas State University

Founded in 1863, Kansas State University, aka K-State, is the epitome of the public university, offering more than 300 degree programs to enroll in. With a dynamic acceptance rate ranging from 94% to 96%, this university allows numerous international students to study varied courses at the educational institute every year.

Unlike many universities in the USA, it houses three magnificent campuses, providing all the facilities learners require for higher education. In addition, K-State offers several scholarships to remarkable students; among these, the Presidential Scholarship is notable.

Hence, as a bright student, you have a high chance of getting a scholarship and admission to this university with reduced or no tuition fees!

5. The University of Kentucky

Meet one of the biggest universities in Lexington, the University of Kentucky! Housing 16 colleges and 1 graduate school, it is a land-grant public research university with an acceptance rate of 94%.

That means the odds of getting admission at this university with your desired degree program are higher than other universities in the USA. We encourage you to choose your preferred degree program from the more than 200 courses on offer. Explore its three stunning campuses and dig deeper into the field of your study with the help of teachers who are leaders in their areas.

6. The University of Maine

Offering world-class education at a reasonable cost, the University of Maine is a land, sea, and space grant public research university with campuses stretching 660-acre areas.

Every year it accepts numerous international students from all around the globe with its excellent acceptance rate, ranging from 90% to 96%. This public university is recognized worldwide for helping students create their own success stories.

The opportunity of achieving success for individual students is high since every student benefits from world-class faculty members, first-rate facilities, internationally reputed research, and a friendly and safe environment. You can join this cohort too by enrolling in one of the 180 degree programs at the University of Maine.

7. East Carolina University

East Carolina University is our next installment in our breakdown of highest acceptance rate universities in the USA. This public institution traces its history back to 1907 in Greenville, North Carolina.

This university also has a fluctuating acceptance rate, ranging from 88% to 94%. Nonetheless, the rate is pretty high, meaning getting admission is easier than other public universities in the USA.

Now, let’s discuss a bit about how special its study programs are. ECU offers international students more than 100 undergraduate degree programs and more than 75 master’s programs to choose from.

Students can enroll in diverse courses and master their skills through high-quality teaching, ensuring they will achieve their goals and become true leaders in their fields.

8. Arizona State University

Committed to offering elite education through a wide range of academic and extracurricular options, Arizona State University helps learners recognize their potential and be who they really are.

This public research university gives students a friendly and safe environment to study their courses and hone their skills. And fortunately, you can get the opportunity to master your skill since this university has an 88% acceptance rate.

You can pick your desired study programs from more than 500 undergraduate academic courses and join any out of 500 clubs and organizations to accomplish diverse goals throughout your undergraduate days.

In summary, backed by first-class educational facilities, this public institution offers high-quality yet affordable learning opportunities to help you build the lucrative career most students desire.

9. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University is a public research institution in Arizona Territory. With seven colleges and more than 20 statewide campuses, it offers excellent environments to thrive in your studies.

Like other first-rate universities in our rundown of the highest acceptance rate universities in the USA, this one also accepts numerous international students yearly. According to the U.S. News, NAU boasts a 78% acceptance rate, which can accelerate up to 82%.

Hence, you can expect to get easy enrollment in an academic course at the university and be ready to become the best version of yourself through hands-on learning.

10. Michigan State University

The last university on this list is Michigan State University, a leading institution and the first land-grant public research university in the country. This educational institute believes in delivering quality education to learners, which is why it became a model for similar institutes.
With a dynamic acceptance rate typically between 76% and 83%, Michigan State University offers international students access to impactful resources, a supportive and inclusive community, and life-changing opportunities. You can grab the opportunity, enroll in your favorite course at this university, and map out your future to enjoy a better life.

How to Apply to a University in the USA

The university admission process is time-consuming and sometimes can be daunting. You must fulfill all the requirements, take your tests, and do so carefully so you put your best foot forward towards your dream university.

However, you can reduce this dread by knowing beforehand what is ahead of you with our Student Guide USA and the application process shared below.

1. Choose Your University

Many students make the mistake of choosing one university without shortlisting alternatives or backups. While you might ultimately apply to just one university - whether because of budget constraints or because you have your heart set on it - try and narrow your initial search down to at least 3-4 universities and meet your requirements.. Don’t limit your options - we recommend looking into multiple American universities to apply to, to find your right fit and if you can afford to, increase the chance of getting in.

2. Prepare for Application

Once you have selected some universities to apply to, it’s time to begin the admission application. FYI, many universities in the USA give you different options to apply to certain study programs.

However, most universities will require you to visit their official websites for application purposes. On the contrary, some universities let you apply via a standardized application called the Common App. You can learn more about this application in our Application Process to Study in the USA guide.

3. Submit Academic Results and Register for English Proficiency Test

Needless to say, all universities need to see your academic background to determine if you are a perfect fit for the program you want to pursue. Thus you must submit your academic transcripts and secondary school leaving results to enroll in an undergraduate program.

For a postgraduate degree, you’ll need to supply your transcripts and certificates from your bachelor’s and other degrees.Optionally, you can sit for the widely-accepted standardized tests, the SAT or ACT, for programs at undergraduate level. For graduate programs, you might need to sit for tests like the GMAT, GRE General Test, LSAT, MCAT, etc. Submit your test scores to strengthen your admission application!

Alongside these, as an international student, you must submit your English proficiency test results for IELTS Academic, PTE Academic, TOEFL iBT, or C1 Advanced. Make sure to check which test scores your chosen programs are requesting.

In addition, some universities may ask you to submit additional admission exam scores. What exam scores you will provide varies from program to program and university to university.

4. Submit Additional Documents

Now, let’s discuss other essential documents you must provide while applying to an American university. Well, various universities will ask for different documents. Below we list the supplementary documents you will need to apply to universities.

  • Proof of Finance

  • CV/Resume

  • Written samples (motivation letter, statement of purpose, research intent, supplemental writing, etc.)

  • Portfolios/published research/assignments, etc., based on the study program

  • Reference/Recommendation letters

  • Passport Photo

Some universities may ask for documents other than those mentioned above. So, we recommend thoroughly checking the requirements for admission at your chosen American university before proceeding with the application.

You must send the necessary documents before the application deadlines kick in. To learn more about US university deadlines, take a look through our US University Intakes breakdown.

Once you have prepared your admission applications, we recommend double-checking those applications before submitting them to your chosen universities. After submission, wait for at least four to eight weeks to receive the university acceptance letter.

If you complete everything correctly, you will receive an acceptance letter from your dream university in the USA. Then you will need to apply for the F-1 student visa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which University in the USA is the Easiest to Get Into?

You can find many universities in the USA that grant easy entrance to international students. Among these universities, the notable ones are Marshall University, North Dakota State University, the University of Memphis, and Kansas State University.

Can I Get Into a U.S. University With a Low GPA?

For admissions into graduate programs at American universities, you need to obtain a minimum grade of “B” or a GPA of 3 on a scale of 4. However, different universities will require varied GPAs, and some may accept international students with low GPAs.

Our Concluding Thoughts

Many American universities boast flexible admission rules to offer international students easy entrance. Not only this, but most of these institutes also provide the required support and teaching to help students build their careers and get high-paying jobs after graduation. That’s why these universities get loads of admission applications every year and accept numerous international students. Fortunately, with this breakdown of the highest acceptance rate universities in the USA, you’re fully set to get going yourself. We hope you will find this information helpful while choosing your preferred university in the USA and applying to study abroad.