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Highest Acceptance Rate Universities in Australia in 2023

Feb 17, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Highest Acceptance Rate Universities in Australia in 2023

Many students dream of studying abroad and Australia remains the first choice of countless degree pursuers who want to attend universities overseas. Undoubtedly, Australia houses best-in-class universities, but do you know if all universities accept international students? Luckily, a majority of Australian universities are world-ranking and very welcoming to international students! And among this list, you can find some of the highest acceptance rate universities in Australia too. So, let's take a look at your Australian university options.

Why Should You Study at an Australian University?

There are a couple of reasons why you should study at an Australian university. Below, we have given you an insight into the reasons for studying at universities in Australia.

High-Quality Education

The quality of education you will receive by studying at an Australian university is unmatched. FYI, virtually all Australian universities are reputed for providing exceptional teaching and research facilities. These universities feature the best campuses and offer outstanding academic education, enough to attract students worldwide. In fact, Australia is home to 43 universities, of which a whopping 38 are world-ranking!

Standard of Living

Another reason that can motivate you to study in Australia is the lifestyle. Australia will help you lead the quality of life you dream of. Besides, it offers you the safety you barely find in many countries. If you are searching for a safe country to live in while pursuing your degree to get a high-paying job, Australia is the right fit.

Natural Attractions, Climate & Weather

Indeed, Australia hosts some of the most iconic and stunning natural wonders that lure tourists from all over the globe. From tropical islands, lakes, and beaches to national parks, dense forests, and mountain ranges, all these offer unforgettable pristine scenery. 

Alongside this, Australia boasts the most lenient climate appropriate for students. In this country, the average temperature remains around 25 degrees Celsius, meaning you won't have to fear extreme cold or heat and can effortlessly focus on your studies

If all this doesn't convince you, let us tell you that entering Australia with student visas is comparatively easier than in other European countries. It's because Australia's universities have the highest acceptance rate for international students and these Australian universities have a simple application process

So, these are some primary reasons for studying at Australian universities. Now, we encourage you to check out the best universities in Australia with the highest acceptance rate.

Top Universities with High Acceptance Rates for International Students

Take a look at this table of the best Australian universities with the highest acceptance rate before you start reading about these educational institutes.

Australian University Appellations
Acceptance Rate
La Trobe University
University of Newcastle
James Cook University
University of Adelaide
University of Tasmania
University of Melbourne
70% to 80%
Edith Cowan University
63% to 75%
University of the Sunshine Coast
 Charles Sturt University
Charles Darwin University

1. La Trobe University

With a 100% acceptance rate, La Trobe University offers up to 79 career-ready programs to help you develop the skills experienced employers value most.
This public university allows students to explore its beautifully decorated three metro and four regional campuses in Melbourne, Bendigo, and Albury-Wodonga.

As you step into these campuses, you will get the vibe of a safe and secure environment and, simultaneously, will be amazed by the breathtaking views these campuses offer.

Sounds great! Hold on; this university has something more exciting to provide: its wide array of educational programs, including arts, social science, business studies, health, law, and so on. Another great fact regarding this Australian university is that it doesn't have a hard and fast entry requirement - you can learn more through the university’s profile!

2. University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle is a leading public university offering world-class education and boasting excellence in teaching and research. Every year numerous international students get the opportunity to enroll in their favorite study programs from more than 100 courses provided by this university, thanks to its 87% acceptance rate.

Unlike many public universities in Australia, this one offers five national campuses and one international campus, giving students collaborative places to live, learn, work and play. It has the staff and community to help students distinctively discover themselves and pursue their passion through high-quality study programs.

All in all, the University of Newcastle is packed with all the state-of-the-art facilities required to gain professional skills and change your life.

3. James Cook University

Meet another Australian public university, James Cook University. It is one of the oldest ones in the country, with an acceptance rate of 79%, and holds pride of place in the list of top 300 universities globally (Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2022).

This teaching and research institute operates three main campuses, offering on-campus education for international students. Speaking of education, this university provides world-class teaching through its exceptional degree programs, which help students learn and develop the necessary skills to utilize later on in diverse professions.

In summary, if you are passionate about any field of study and want to dig deep into it, James Cook University can be your ideal companion.

4. The University of Adelaide

Founded in 1874 in Adelaide, Australia's third oldest and research-based public university is the University of Adelaide, which has an impressive acceptance rate of 75%.

It is Australia's first university that elected a woman to the Australian University Council. The university encourages students to graduate with deep knowledge and real-world skills to make their marks and create their own history.

This educational institute is a significant hub for research and world-class education and provides more than 500 degree programs in various fields. Thus, it doesn't matter what passion you possess or what degree you want to pursue, the University of Adelaide can illuminate your way to explore and change yourself and be who you truly want to be.

5. University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania, aka UTAS, is globally ranked among the top 300 universities, according to U.S News & World Report. It is the fourth oldest university in Australia and offers the best academic education you look for in a magnificent educational institute.

UTAS has an acceptance rate of 75%, which means it's easier than other universities in Australia to enroll in and pursue your degree. Now, let's discuss the first-class education this public university provides.

This university offers over 100 undergraduate degree programs across various disciplines, such as arts and humanities, business and economics, engineering and technology, and more. If your goal is to enroll in the best university in Australia and learn highly-valued skills, consider UTAS.

6. University of Melbourne

Being Australia's number one university and world leader in education, the University of Melbourne offers students state-of-the-art campuses and the outstanding education students require to have a bright future.

This university has a dynamic acceptance rate of 70% to 80%. That means if you dream of studying at the best university in Australia, you won't have to move mountains or rely on your luck - as long as you’re eligible, you stand a strong chance!

Suppose you meet the entry requirements and apply correctly by submitting essential documents and paying the admission fee. In that case, there is a high chance you may also leave your footprints on this university's eye-soothing campuses.

7. Edith Cowan University

Named after the first woman elected to an Australian parliament, Edith Cowan University is one of the jim-dandy educational institutes with the highest acceptance rate in Australia, fluctuating between 63% to 75%.

This university has achieved a 5-star rating for 16 consecutive years for its undergraduate teaching quality (Good Universities Guide 2023 Edition). Needless to say, it falls under the group of the finest universities in the world and serves an unrivaled learning experience with the help of its highly qualified teachers.

So, as soon as you enroll in your preferred courses from any of the 300+ degree programs this university offers, you know you are in good hands and are all set to embrace the benefits of world-class teaching.

8. University of the Sunshine Coast

Situated in Queensland, Australia, the University of the Sunshine Coast features an acceptance rate of 66%. This university welcomes many international students to its urban-style campuses and enables them to learn and develop job-ready skills by enrolling in their desired courses from more than 300 degree programs.

It is Australia's highest-rated public university that focuses on students' satisfaction by offering students exceptional learning facilities in a curiosity-stimulating environment. Apart from quality education, this university provides students with the following:

  • A friendly campus environment
  • Access to high-quality teaching equipment
  • Other world-class facilities

In summary, with awe-inspiring campuses and superior-quality teaching, this university can meet your needs and help you achieve your goals to lead a better life.

9. Charles Sturt University

Established in 1989 in South Wales, Charles Sturt University ranks 1st among all 39 Australian universities for full-time employment with good salaries for graduates.

According to the Good Universities Guide 2023, 85% of this university's undergraduate students get full-time jobs within four months of graduating. And you can be one of them, as this university has a pretty good acceptance rate of 64%.

You can enroll in your preferred study programs from more than 300 courses, gain hands-on skills in your chosen field of study, and eventually get your dream job after graduation.

10. Charles Darwin University

The last university on our list of the highest acceptance rate universities in Australia is Charles Darwin University, which has a 59% acceptance rate. It is one of Australia's leading universities, offering students nine stunning campuses and ensuring a safe and secure environment.

The university offers around 70 undergraduate and postgraduate programs to teach students the skills they need to have a bright future. You will be glad to know that this educational institute nurtures potential students with excellent care and invests enormously in delivering the required knowledge and skills.

Overall, CDU provides all the modern facilities of a top-class university to help you focus on studying and building your career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Australian University Has the Highest Acceptance Rate for International Students?

La Trobe University has the highest acceptance rate. It has an acceptance rate of 100% and welcomes more than 7,000 international students from 110 nations yearly. That's why this university gets first place on our list!

Which Australian University is the Hardest to Get Into?

In essence, Australia features a few top-class universities that are hard to get into. Some are the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, the Australian National University, the University of Western Australia, and more. As highly prestigious institutions, these universities can be somewhat selective with their applicants. Don’t let this discourage you though - regardless of how competitive these universities can be, with a strong profile that meets the university’s requirements, you can have a pretty solid chance of acceptance!

Which Australian University is the Easiest to Get Into?

As you already know, La Trobe University has the highest acceptance rate. It will be easy for international students to get into this university. However, alongside this educational institute, all the universities mentioned in this content offer easy entrance.

Can I Easily Get Acceptance to an Australian University from Bangladesh?

International students are welcome to apply to any of Australia's high acceptance universities - this includes students from Bangladesh! As long as the student meets the university's application requirements, they stand a fair chance at admission.

Do Australian Universities Accept Indian Students?

That's a resounding yes! In fact, according to UNESCO, almost 85,000 students pursued an Australian higher education in 2020. Australian universities are very welcoming to international students and Indian students are no exception.

Our Concluding Thoughts

Now, you have all the information regarding the highest acceptance rate universities in Australia. All universities shared above offer the best courses, campuses, and educational environment you look for in building a successful future in your desired field. We hope this article benefits you and helps you achieve your goals.