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Hotel Management Courses in the UK for International Students in 2023

Dec 20, 2022Date Published
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UniSearch - Hotel Management Courses in the UK for International Students in 2023

The hospitality industry is growing globally and needs talented employees. With an accredited hotel management course, you have a far easier time stepping into the industry. The sooner you learn the ins and outs of a hospitality business, the sooner you'll be able to impact your community and gain valuable experience. Studying hotel management in the UK prepares you for high-level positions in a competitive industry. If you want to learn hotel management but don't know where to study, our top hotel management courses in the UK for international students is a great place to start! 

Top UK Universities for Hospitality

The hotel management industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. The demand for skilled employees in the hospitality industry is increasing daily. In the UK, there are over 2,000 hotels. The rise of the hotel business increases professional opportunities, especially in hotel management.

Because of rapid career growth, excellent earning potential, and job satisfaction, many international students want to pursue hotel management training in the UK.

Many hotel management schools in the UK offer various course options for students. You can get hospitality training or industry knowledge depending on your goals. The UK’s hospitality program focuses on developing leaders within the industry who can successfully lead others into the future.

In this article, we will give you a rundown of what each course offers and what it takes to complete. But first - let's take a look at why you should consider a degree in hotel management to begin with.

Reasons to Study Hotel Management in the UK

First things first - why study hotel management and why do so in the UK? The answer - the hotel industry is undergoing a boom and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The world is becoming increasingly borderless, and people are increasingly travelling for business and/or pleasure. There's plenty of growth potential waiting for you to tap into in the sector. 

To stay competitive, hotels aim to enhance the experiences of their guests to establish their market presence. Hospitality students with skills and creativity are, understandably, in high demand.

A hotel management program allows you to learn how to run a hospitality business and other aspects of its operations such as marketing, finance, and human resources.

Your studies will strengthen your understanding of client-focused situations, hotels/motels, diners, banquet, casinos, theme parks, clubs, etc. A hotel management degree may provide you with these skills:

  • Hospitality etiquette
  • Food service
  • Event management
  • Catering
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Business strategy and finance
  • Customer service
  • HR management

It's no surprise the hospitality industry in the UK is one of the most popular in the world. There are several reasons you might want to take up hotel management courses in the UK:

Hands-on experience with all aspects of running a hotel

The UK has an excellent reputation for providing quality education. Hotel management courses in the UK concentrate on providing real-life hotel experience and consulting projects, including brand creation, PR strategies etc.

These programs teach you about hospitality sector activities practically, so you graduate job-read. 

Gain skills for future jobs with significant hotels

International students choose the UK because graduates can access work placements, internships, and professional development opportunities.

UK universities let you integrate hotel management with tourism, entertainment, history, art, etc. The opportunities enrich your skills and job prospects. You access the chance to meet and work with industry professionals who may become future employers.

Hotel management programs provide students with a thorough education about the hospitality business and often lead to careers as general managers, assistant managers, or even business owners.

Understand the industry

The hotel industry in the UK has a long and illustrious heritage. Having undergone considerable changes over the years, these programs give international students insight into how the programs have evolved and the trends to anticipate in the future.

With your keen understanding of the development of the hotel industry and its impact on local communities, tourism, etc. you can become a pioneer in the industry yourself!

Applying to UK Hotel Management Courses

Before you begin the application process, ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork. The typical application usually consists of the following:

  • All your academic transcripts
  • Official English language test score
  • Personal statement
  • Reference letters
  • Valid copy of your passport
  • Up-to-date resume

The university may interview you after reviewing your application. If you pass the interview and clear the application process, the university will give you a letter of acceptance.

You must pay any fees mentioned in the offer letter before the deadline to confirm your admission. It is crucial to keep in mind that every institution is unique. Different universities may have different protocols to follow.

Entry Requirements for Hotel Management in the UK

The entry requirements for Hotel Management courses vary between institutions. Still, they generally require the following:

  • Age: 18+
  • Education Level: A Level (ABB) or equivalent; 60% in bachelor’s degree for master’s program
  • English Proficiency Test: IELTS: 6.5 overall, with no band lower than 5.5

Before you begin applying, it's essential to look through the eligibility criteria of your chosen universities. Make sure that you meet the parameters and requirements of your chosen programs. This is one of the best ways of ensuring your application will be successful! 

Top Universities for Hotel Management Courses in the UK

There's never been a better time to get into a hotel management course in the UK - so where should you apply? The top-ranked universities in the field are a good place to start on your search for hotel management courses in the UK for international students:

UniversityPopular Programs
QS World Ranking 2022
Guardian Ranking 2022
University of Surrey
  • International Event Management (BSc )
  • International Hospitality Management (BSc )
  • International Hotel Management (MSc)
  • Strategic Hotel Management(MSc)

Bournemouth University
  • International Hospitality Management (BA)

  • International Tourism & Hospitality Management (with Foundation Year option) (BA)

  • International Hospitality & Tourism Management (MSc)


Oxford Brookes University
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Management (BSc)

  • International Hotel and Tourism Management (MSc)


University of Derby

  • International Hospitality Management (BA)

  • International Hospitality Management (MSc)

Leeds Beckett University
  • Hospitality Business Management (BSc)

  • International Tourism Management (BSc)

  • International Hospitality Management(MSc)

  • Responsible Tourism Management(MSc)


Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
  • International Hospitality Business Management (BSc)

  • International Tourism Management (BA)

  • International Tourism and Hospitality Management(MSc)


Sheffield Hallam University
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Management (BSc)
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Management (MSc)

  • International Hospitality(MSc)


Ulster University
  • International Hospitality Management (BSc)

  • International Tourism and Hospitality Management (MSc)


University of Leeds
  • Hospitality Business Management (BSc)

  • International Hospitality Management(MSc)


Edinburgh Napier University
  • International Hospitality Management (BA)

  • International Hospitality Management & Tourism (BA)

  • Global Hospitality Management(MSc)

Cost of Studying Hotel Management Courses in the UK

The cost of studying hotel management courses in the UK varies depending on the institution and the course you choose. The latter includes your level of study, too. The average cost for an annual hotel management course is about £8,000 for part-time programs and £15,000 for full-time programs.

Tuition Fee (GBP)
Cost of Living (GBP)
Campus Accommodation (GBP)
University of Surrey
Undergraduate: £16,800

Postgraduate: £19,200
Bournemouth University
£15,250- £16,500

Oxford Brookes University
£14,900 -£15,500

University of Derby

Leeds Beckett University

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

Sheffield Hallam University

Ulster University

University of Leeds

Edinburgh Napier University


*Please note that fees may vary based on the program and intake.

Choosing a Hotel Management School in the UK

Choosing where to study hotel management can be difficult. There are many factors to consider when choosing a school, including the quality of education, location, and cost of tuition.

Education Quality

The quality of education is one of the most important factors for students to consider when choosing a hotel management school. If you want your course to be good and meet high industry standards, you should look at the quality of their courses and teachers. 

  • Check the university’s accreditations. It is a sign that the university meets the standards set by the government and other institutions
  • Check the accreditations of the programs you're considering. Professional accreditations and certifications indicate the program aligns with industry standards and needs and adds value to your degree
  • Look into the experts teaching your classes. If your professors are professionals with years of experience in the field, you can trust them to mentor you for success in the industry
  • Research the teaching resources and facilities such as textbooks, laptops (if applicable), simulation labs, on-campus student-run hotels, etc. the university offers students for first-hand, practical experience
  • Explore the universities industry partners and connections to better understand availability of professional placements and industry-informed curriculum
  • Check the university's standing in rankings for student satisfaction, graduate employability, and for the subject or field itself. Rankings published by QS Top Universities, The Guardian, Times Higher Education, etc. reflect many considerations such as the faculty-to-student ratio, research contribution, etc.


The location of your school may also factor into your choice of university. It impacts how much you'll need to budget for your studies, since location often impacts tuition fees and costs of living

Costs of living are an important consideration, because you will need to be able to cover your rent, utility bills, food expenses, and so on during your stay. In fact, you need to be able to show proof of your finances to immigration authorities to highlight that you can cover your costs while studying in the UK.

If you plan to study in London, you need to show immigration authorities that you have up to £1,334 to cover your costs every month for 9 months (one academic year). If you plan on studying outside of London, you will need to show around £1,023 in finances per month for one calendar year.

As you can see, London tends to be more expensive compared to other student cities in the UK. On the flip side, London is also the best student city in the UK - and in fact the whole world, according to QS Top Universities.

Look into the estimated expenses of studying in universities in different locations and choose what fits your budget and preferences. 

Cost of Tuition

The final important factor is the cost of tuition. Some schools are more costly than others. Generally, fees will skew higher depending on a few factors:

  • Location: Universities located in cities with higher costs of living will tend to have higher tuition fees
  • Reputation: The more reputed the university, the greater the tuition fees, in general
  • Duration of the course: The longer the program, the more it is likely to cost overall. A 3-year undergraduate program, for example, is likely to cost more overall than a 1-year postgraduate program.

Universities in the UK will charge higher for international students than domestic students. However, remember that the best schools also offer better facilities and amenities than others, which means they offer more value for money.

Some universities may offer additional funding as part of their financial aid packages for international students. These grants can cover room and board costs while studying in the UK, as well as part or all of your tuition fees. So keep an eye on the scholarship programs.

The best programs will also create placement opportunities for you to get hands-on work experience. This helps develop your professional network and discover opportunities to kickstart your career right after graduation. 

Think about the return on investment when you are comparing tuition fees. Your budget is important, and so is getting a degree that unlocks greater opportunities for your future.

Career Opportunities in Hotel Management

The hospitality industry is thriving and with a degree in hotel management, you will have multiple job opportunities in the field. 

To truly succeed in the hospitality industry, you must have a great desire to work with people and give them outstanding service. You can begin your career in entry-level jobs - moving to higher-paying positions is just a matter of time!

Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in the hospitality industry:

Job Title
Average Salary (GBP)
Food Service Director
£54,129 per year
Tour Manager
£45,164 per year
Executive Chef
£44,812 per year
Travel Manager
£34,802 per year
Pub Manager
£33,309 per year
Event Manager
£33,247 per year
Hotel Manager
£31,084 per year
Restaurant Manager
£29,798per year
Executive Housekeeper
£27,371 per year
Catering Manager
£26,927 per year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best hotel management course in the UK for international students?

The best hotel management course in the UK for international students is the one that best suits your needs. 

You'll want to consider the reputation of the university, the professional accreditations of the program, availability of placement opportunities, tuition fees, location, and more.

If you're unsure what hotel management course would suit you best, ask other students or the university administration. They may be able to give you an inside look into the program and answer your specific questions. 

Should I take a short hotel management course or degree in the UK?

A short course is ideal if you want to try out the industry. It's an excellent way to get your first taste of what it's like working in hotels and hospitality. If you're set on working in hospitality but don't have any academic background in the field, a short course is a good opportunity to upskill or reskill. 

Our Concluding Thoughts

The UK's hotel management courses focus on general, catering, and business management, among other things. The hotel business is booming internationally, and hotels are popping up all around the UK with the economic recovery. Hotel management courses in the UK for international students give you academic and practical experience in management, kitchens, restaurants, conferences, and events. The right degree can help you unlock your dream career path in hospitality!