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How to Transfer Credit from Bangladesh to Canada - A Comprehensive Guide

Mar 29, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - How to Transfer Credit from Bangladesh to Canada - A Comprehensive Guide

Many Bangladeshi students dream of studying at Canadian universities, and some take action right after completing higher secondary education to fulfill their dreams. In contrast, others, especially those enrolling in Bangladeshi universities, search for ways to transfer credits to Canadian educational institutes. Not everyone knows how to transfer credit from Bangladesh to Canada as a second option for accessing a Canadian education. But you won’t be in their shoes since you have landed on this breakdown prepared by experts from UniSearch. This guide will let you uncover everything you must comprehend for credit transfer.

What is Credit Transfer?

Credit transfer enables prospective students to get into the same semester of bachelor’s or master’s programs at different universities. Suppose you are a BBA student of a renowned private university in Bangladesh - let’s say you have completed six semesters and earned some credits.

Ultimately, though, you want to receive your undergraduate degree from an accredited Canadian university. Perhaps you enrolled locally because the 4-year tuition was beyond your budget. Or maybe, at the entry-level stage for the degree, you didn’t meet your end-goal university’s admissions criteria.

So, in this case, what you can do is transfer your earned credits to a Canadian university! This way you can enroll during a later semester at your chosen university to commence your end-goal degree.

In other words, credit transfer is the path you will follow to get admission and enroll in the same semester at a different university.

Numerous international students follow this pathway of transferring credits to their chosen Canadian university to complete higher studies. They enjoy a lot of benefits through credit transfer too. For example, they can save a whopping amount of money and time!

What Are the Requirements for Credit Transfer from Bangladesh to Canada?

Canadian universities have set criteria for international students who want to transfer credits and get admission. Here are some significant facts undergraduate Bangladeshi students must consider while planning to transfer credits to a Canadian university.

First, students must complete HSC or A-level education with satisfactory results and must enroll in bachelor’s programs at recognized universities. The next criterion they must fulfill is to complete at least 4 full courses or one year of a full-time degree program and achieve excellent marks in all semesters. Specifically, cohorts must score 60% marks in their university exams to qualify for credit transfer. They must earn a CGPA of 2.0 to 2.8 on a 4.0 scale.

Finally, since Canada is an English-speaking country, all Bangladeshi students must exhibit a good grasp of English to become eligible for credit transfer. That said, we recommend scoring at least a band of 6.5 in IELTS if you want to transfer credits to a world-class university in Canada.

How to Transfer Credit from Bangladesh to Canada

Transferring credits to a Canadian university is similar to the admission application process for Canadian universities. So, to begin with, you must first check the requirements for transfer students at your chosen university’s website. After combing through the credit transfer requirements and intake dates, you need to take steps to apply for the credit transfer. Here’s a rundown of the entire process of credit transfer for you to glance through.

Step 1: Visit the Canadian university websites and check the credit transfer requirements.
Step 2: Create a profile to apply for the credit transfer.
Step 3: Now, you need to select the transfer application option (Based on the university, you may need to choose a campus, course, and other options first before beginning the credit transfer process).
Step 4: At this point, you need to fill out the application providing all the required information (your personal information, academic details, statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, English Language Proficiency test scores, CV, and more).
Step 5: Once you fill out the application form, you must submit it and pay the fee.
Step 6: After making the payment, you must send crucial documents to your chosen Canadian universities through your university. By essential documents, we mean the course outlines (containing course modules, credits, and more) and official and translated transcripts from your university to your chosen Canadian universities.

Documents Required for Credit Transfer

Here is a list of essential documents you must need to apply for a credit transfer from Bangladesh to Canada.

  • A valid passport

  • All academic transcripts (translated)

  • Course outlines

  • English Language Proficiency test scores

  • SAT or ACT score (Based on the study program)

  • Resume/CV

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Statement of purposes

  • Bank statement (exhibiting your blocked account houses enough money to cover your tuition fees and living expenses)

Nota Bene

*You can’t send documents (course outlines and official transcripts) by yourself while applying for credit transfer. Your university in Bangladesh should submit these files on your behalf.*

*After submitting your credit transfer application, the university will assess your documents, which will take 2-6 weeks or more. Then you will receive a confirmation letter and will know how many credits you can transfer to a course you are about to study at that particular university. Just a heads up, no Canadian university will allow you to transfer more than 60 credits in a bachelor’s program.*

List of Canadian Universities that Allow Credit Transfer from Bangladesh

Many world-class universities in Canada accept credit transfers from Bangladesh. Some of these educational institutions have a direct affiliation with Bangladeshi universities. Among them, AIUB, BRAC University, Daffodil International University, North South University, and International Islamic University are notable ones.

Students of such Bangladeshi universities can effortlessly transfer their credits to Canadian universities. Here is a table of Canadian universities allowing Bangladeshi students to transfer credits.

Canadian Universities
Yearly Tuition Fees in BDT
Saint Mary’s University
98 in Regional Universities Midwest (US News)
BDT 2,492,479 (Varies from course to course)
Algoma University
74 Country Rank (4ICU)
BDT 782,748
College of New Caledonia
76 Country Rank (US News)
Starting from BDT 832,707
McMaster University
152 (QS World University Rankings)
Up to BDT 3,292,845 (including accommodation and meal cost)
Quest University Canada
85 Country Rank (4ICU)
BDT 2,680,223
University of Manitoba
372 in Best Global Universities (US News)
BDT 1,686,243
University of Toronto
34 (QS World University Rankings)
BDT 4,542,595
University Of Regina
181 Young University Rankings 2022 (Times Higher Education)
BDT 1,686,856 (Differs from course to course)
Cape Breton University
71 Country Rank (4ICU)
BDT 1,379,625 (Dynamic tuition fees)
University of Saskatchewan
473 (QS World University Rankings)
BDT 1,470,294 (Dynamic tuition fees)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   

Can I Transfer Credits from Bangladesh to Canada?

Indeed, you can transfer credits from a Bangladeshi university to a Canadian university. If your university is affiliated with your chosen Canadian educational institute, you will experience no hassle transferring a certain number of credits toward a Canadian academy. However, if your university has no direct affiliation with a Canadian university, you can still easily transfer credits following the steps described in this content.

How Do You Transfer Credit in Canada?

The credit transferring process differs from institution to institution. But all Canadian universities will require you to follow the steps for admission to transfer credits. These institutions will ask you to submit additional documents, such as detailed course outlines and official and translated transcripts, to let you transfer course credits.

How Long Does It Take to Proceed Credit Transfer?

Usually, most Canadian universities will take two to six weeks to complete a credit transfer. We recommend beginning the process at least three to five months before your course commences.

What Are the Best Courses in Canada for International Students in 2023?

Canadian universities run industry-forward study programs that can help you develop job-ready skills. Among these programs, Business & Management Studies, Hospitality & Leisure Management, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Accounting, and Media & Journalism are the best courses in Canada for international students in 2023. These programs can give you the best outcome.

Our Concluding Thoughts

Of course, you can get admission to a Canadian university after completing a couple of semesters at a Bangladeshi university. Credit transfer will help you enroll in your preferred semester at an educational institute in Canada. But to correctly accomplish this job, you need to know how to transfer credit from Bangladesh to Canada and follow the necessary steps. We encourage you to seek support from experts in this field if you face any hurdles in the path of credit transfer.