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Highest Acceptance Rate Universities in Canada in 2023

Jan 31, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Highest Acceptance Rate Universities in Canada in 2023

Canada allures students from around the globe with its world-class colleges, universities, and high-quality education that can help learners develop solid skills to shine in their professional careers. That's why numerous international students apply to universities in Canada to pursue their degrees and lead exciting lives abroad. Unfortunately, an application is not an automatic guarantee of admission. But the good news is that some universities are easier to get into than others - focusing on these can help you boost your shot at admissions success. Today, our UniSearch experts have shortlisted the highest acceptance rate universities in Canada to get you going. Let's get started.

Canadian Universities Under and Over 80% Acceptance Rate

Canadian universities are globally recognized for their infrastructures, facilities, and research. They offer on-demand education to train students as highly skilled specialists in diverse fields. So, let’s look at the top four universities in Canada with the highest acceptance rate for international students. But before that, why don’t you sneak peek at the table below? 

Canadian University Appellations
Acceptance Rate
Wilfrid Laurier University
Lakehead University
Thompson Rivers University
Toronto Metropolitan University
University of New Brunswick
Brock University
University of Northern British Columbia
70% to 75%
Mount Allison University
70% to 80%
University of Prince Edward Island
Acadia University
60% to 70%

1. Wilfrid Laurier University

Being one of the top universities in Waterloo, Canada, Wilfrid Laurier University is a leading Canadian institute reputed for its academic excellence, teaching style, research, and scholarship.

With a whopping acceptance rate of 89%, this public university accepts students from all over the world and helps them benefit from engaged learning and co-curricular activities.

This university specializes in diverse fields of study, including arts and social sciences, business and economics, music, social work, theology, and more. If you are searching for a university providing outstanding education, consider this one.

2. Lakehead University

With an 83% acceptance rate for international students, Lakehead University is a dynamic, contemporaneous, and highly learner-centered educational institute that encourages students to be who they really are.

This university offers transformative education, enabling students to learn how to think, not what to think. It is geared toward academic success and lets students perform exceptionally well in programs of their interest.

At the undergraduate level, Lakehead provides over 57 fields of study to pursue. Apart from that, it also offers graduate, doctoral, and diploma programs. If you want to push yourself to break limits and go beyond the ordinary with the help of unique study programs, Lakehead University has you covered.

3. Thompson Rivers University 

Thompson Rivers University has an 82% acceptance rate for international students. This academic institution empowers its students to reach their goals with the help of online learning options, hands-on learning opportunities, a diverse and inclusive environment, and, indeed, 140 on-campus programs.

Canada's only double-platinum-ranked sustainable university, Thompson Rivers, provides you with the essential training and education to help you be confident and have a bright future. Hence, let's elevate your career and enroll in your desired course at this university.

4. Toronto Metropolitan University

Guided by an up-to-date academic plan and an ambitious research agenda Toronto Metropolitan University, previously known as Ryerson University, is one of Ontario's most applied-to educational institutes.

This university is culturally diverse and inclusive and offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs. And the best part is that its acceptance rate for international students is 80%! That means this university can be an excellent choice to pursue your degree.

Canadian Universities Under and Over 70% Acceptance Rate

We have already seen the top four universities in Canada with the highest acceptance rate. Let's uncover some other educational institutes with an attractive acceptance rate.

5. University of New Brunswick

Discover your potential and choose your coveted course from 75+ programs at the University of New Brunswick, one of the region's most prestigious public universities.

With a 75% acceptance rate, this university welcomes international students and lets them prepare themselves through experiential learning and academic programs and helps them have a bright future. 

If you want life-changing solutions to the world's most pressing problems concerning research, this educational institute is your go-to university.

6. Brock University

Located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Brock University is the only public university in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that offers multi-faceted degree programs to help students build skills and careers and get high-paying jobs.

Another noteworthy fact about this university is that it accepts students from over 100 countries and has an acceptance rate of 73%. That means it might be easier for you to get into this educational institution, learn from qualified teachers, and be an expert in your field.

7. University of Northern British Columbia

Meet Canada's green university, the University of Northern British Columbia, famous for its teaching, research, energy initiative, and approaches to building and nurturing relationships with indigenous people.

This public university in British Columbia, Canada, provides unparalleled undergraduate and graduate programs that can help students reach their ultimate goals. 

And speaking of the acceptance rate for international students, this university is renowned for a 70% to 75% acceptance rate, which means the odds of enrolling in your preferred course at this university are high. So, why not give it a try?

8. Mount Allison University

Recognized by Maclean's as the top undergraduate university in Canada 23 times in 32 years, Mount Allison University offers a hands-on learning experience to its students that only some educational institutes in Canada can compare to.

It has a dynamic acceptance rate for international students, ranging between 70% and 80%. Hence, it's evident that you can easily enroll in your desired courses from various disciplines and hone your skills while building your career.

9. University of Prince Edward Island

The University of Prince Edward Island is another reputed Canadian university with an acceptance rate of 70%. This academic institution is commonly known as UPEI and is praised by students for its up-to-date and broad range of undergraduate and graduate courses.

UPEI provides personalized learning experiences through small classes to assist learners in pursuing their passion and achieving their goals. Hence, if you are looking for an institution to give your passion a new height, you can enroll in your preferred course at this exceptional university.

Canadian Universities Under 70% Acceptance Rate

Here is another university worth looking at for its acceptance rate, degree programs, and mind-blowing campus.

10. Acadia University

Offering more than 200+ degree programs and allowing students to venture into the 250-acre campus located in the stunning town of Wolfville, Acadia University remains a favorite among students from all around the globe.

Like Mount Allison University, Acadia's acceptance rate for international students also changes from time to time and dwells between 60% and 70%. 

Hence, if you are lucky enough to enroll in any of the courses of this academic institute, you will get the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the campus while studying your preferred major with the help of highly-qualified teachers.

How to Apply to Canadian Universities

Canadian universities' application process is simple as most universities follow the same process with minor differences. Below, we have shared a guide on the application process that applies to most Canadian universities with the highest acceptance rate.

Step 1: First, visit the official website of your preferred university.

Step 2: Study the course curriculum and eligibility criteria for your course.

Step 3: If you see you meet the requirements for the course, it's time to create an account on the university website. 

Step 4: Provide your details along with academic qualifications

Step 5: Upload all required documents 

Step 6: Review the application before submitting

Step 7: Make necessary changes if required

Step 8: Choose the course and pay the application fee. 

For your information, some Canadian universities might have a different application process. It’s best to research each of the options you are considering, so you submit a strong and complete application with the highest admission likelihood.

Documents You Will Need while Applying to a Canadian University with the Highest Acceptance Rate

The following list features all the documents you will generally need to apply to most Canadian universities.

  • Scanned copy of your passport

  • Resume/CV

  • Letter of recommendation

  • SOP (Statement of purpose)

  • Official transcripts and academic records

  • Translation of degree certificate (For master's degree candidate)

  • Scorecard of English language proficiency test

  • Reference letters

  • Passport-size photographs

Some universities may require you to submit additional papers alongside those mentioned above. Thus, we suggest you review the university requirements thoroughly on its official website and read our application process for Canada guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does Canada Accept So Many International Students?

Canada wants to fill the gap in its economy created by the baby boomers leaving the workforce. That's why Canada accepts so many international students and immigrants and educates them, and trains them to reflect their high-valued skills in diverse professions in Canada.

How Long Does It Take to Get Accepted into a University in Canada with the Highest Acceptance Rate?

After applying for a course in a Canadian university, you can expect to receive an official letter of acceptance within one to two months. However, to increase your chances of getting approval, we suggest you apply at least eight to twelve months before your course begins.

How Much Percentage is Required for Study in a Canadian University?

The minimum percentage required to study in a Canadian University with a high acceptance rate is 65%. If you prefer studying in humanities, science, or commerce stream in class XII, you must obtain 70 to 80% marks. However, the required percentage can be reduced for undergraduate and graduate programs based on universities.

Does Canada accept students from Bangladesh?

Yes, Canada is one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad among Bangladeshi students! In 2020, over 5,000 students travelled to Canada to study from Bangladesh. Since travel restrictions lifting, this number is skyrocketing!

Our Concluding Thoughts

Although several Canadian universities have a high acceptance rate, you will need to apply cautiously because courses provided by the top universities in Canada are very competitive. Ensure everything is correct and you double-check your submission before proceeding with the application fee. That's all for the highest acceptance rate universities in Canada - we hope you found it valuable. For more information, you may read our other content, such as study in Canada, study guide Canada, and universities in Canada.