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Cheapest MBA in Canada for International Students

Dec 05, 2022Date Published
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UniSearch - Cheapest MBA in Canada for International Students

Canada is a great place to study MBA. It has world-class institutions, and employers highly rate its programs. The cost of studying at these colleges is also lower than in other countries, making it an attractive option for students who want to study in Canada. Many universities in Canada offer cheap MBA programs for international students — but how do you choose between all of them? Isn't it hard to choose the right MBA degree program? Choosing one which suits your needs, goals, and budget is easy if you know what to consider. In this article, we'll tell you exactly – how to find the cheapest MBA in Canada for international students. We prepared a list of the most affordable business schools to help you maximize the return on your educational investment.

Top 7 MBAs under CAD 30,000 in Canada

As a student, you'll want to find an MBA program that fits your needs. An MBA in Canada is the best option for you to study abroad. Programs available in various disciplines, including finance, marketing, management and human resources, provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their careers. Make sure you select the right institute.

When you're looking for the best MBA in Canada for international students, you want to make sure that your program is a good fit for you. Understanding the types of MBA programs and what makes them different will help you decide which one is right for you. There are many factors to consider when choosing a business school, including its rank, location and cost of tuition. But before looking at the cheapest MBA in Canada for international students, first you need to understand why you should choose Canada for your MBA.

Why study MBA in Canada?

Canada has some of the best programs for international students, and its MBA programs are among the most affordable worldwide. An MBA in Canada will teach you how to be a leader and impact your organization. You'll learn to manage people and processes, manage your cash flow, and build a strong business plan. You'll also hone your communication skills and learn how to work with others well—a critical skill when it comes time to land that first job after graduation.

Types of MBA in Canada

The best type of MBA in Canada contains all the necessary elements to prepare you for a business career. There are several types of MBA programs available at Canadian universities:

Program Durations
2 years
2-3 years
Accelerated MBA
12 Months
Professional MBA
26 Months
Executive MBA
12 Months

*Note: Varies based on university and timeline

While there are many different types of MBA programs available, they all share common goals:

  • An education that will enable individuals to build their careers and advance their careers by gaining knowledge, skills and abilities related to management principles and practices.
  • Give students practical experience relevant to their chosen field upon completion of their degree program.
  • Provide students with hands-on training through classroom learning experiences as well as on-the-job training opportunities at organizations across Canada and around the world where appropriate

Cost of MBA in Canada

The cost of MBA programs varies depending on the university and program. Typically, it’s less than US and more than the UK. The average cost of an MBA program is CAD 42,000 per year for full-time students. With no financial support from their families or employers and who live on campus throughout the year. The total price tag for this program can go up to CAD 75,000 if you pay total tuition fees upfront and then live off campus during your first two years of study. International students' cheapest MBA in Canada can range between CAD 28,000- 43,000 per year. Some schools offer even lower costs if you qualify for government funding or scholarships.

Eligibility for MBA in Canada

If you're planning on studying for an MBA in Canada, you should know a few things. The country has several quality MBA programs that are open to international students, and they're all affordable—so long as you have the right qualifications. To be eligible to apply for an MBA program in Canada, you must have

  • A bachelor's degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Meet the language requirements: IELTS/TOFEL/PTE
  • Previous academic transcripts
  • Relevant work experience

Most Affordable MBA Programs in Canada for International Students

We've put together a list of the cheapest MBA programs in Canada for international students. We've considered tuition, program, and living expenses to find the best MBA for international students. So no matter what country you're from or where you want to live after graduation, we've got something that will suit your needs– here are our top picks:

QS Ranking 2023
Tuition Fee
University of Saskatchewan
CAD 5,000
Memorial University of Newfoundland
CAD 9,700
University of Victoria (UVIC)
=359CAD 12,738
Universite Laval
CAD 14,774
University of Ottawa
CAD 18,699
University of Waterloo154CAD 18,774
University of Manitoba
CAD 27,919

1. University of Saskatchewan (Edwards School of Business)

Edwards' MBA program emphasizes team building, leadership, and business strategy. You'll learn how to manage, communicate, and lead. The students build integrative and strategic management abilities and a broader awareness of firms' local and global environments.

You can finish a full-time MBA in 12 months and a part-time MBA in 36 months. The tuition fee for international students ranges from CAD 4,000 per year to CAD 18,000 per year, depending on your major field and nationality. Several scholarships are available for international students at this school, such as bursaries/fellowships/research assistantships, etc.

2. Memorial University of Newfoundland

The university offers one of the cheapest MBAs in Canada for international students. MBA tuition starts from CAD 11,000 for international students. An MBA program includes business fundamentals, finance and accounting, marketing & management, human resource management (HRM), international business etc.

Memorial's on-campus MBA program teaches business fundamentals and leadership. Electives, research projects, and study abroad allow students to pursue their interests. MBA students benefit from small class groups, one-on-one interaction with instructors, and sophisticated learning facilities. Memorial offers grants and financial aid to support business and management graduate students.

3. University of Victoria (UVIC)

UVic's MBA program is among the top for international students. It also has one of the highest international student populations, at around 10% of all universities in Canada. It is one of the top MBA programs in Canada. You can choose from hundreds of courses, including finance, marketing, human resources management etc. The MBA program also includes an intensive study abroad experience where you will take classes with professors worldwide. The tuition fee for international students ranges from CAD 12,000 per year to CAD 18,000 per year, depending upon your major and nationality.

4. Universite Laval

The MBA program offered by University College at Universite Laval is highly-ranked. This ranking is based on the quality of teaching, research and innovation within the institution, as well as an assessment of student engagement and success. The school can help you advance your career in business or administration. You'll have access to valuable knowledge and guidance from professors who have worked at some of Canada's most prestigious firms. International students pay CAD 14,774 per year as a tuition fee, depending on your major

5. University of Ottawa

The MBA program from the University of Ottawa prepares you for the challenges in the business world. The faculty at the school is dedicated to allowing each student to learn from his or her peers and understand how they can apply these lessons in their work environment. The University of Ottawa is one of the most affordable MBA programs in Canada for international students. MBA tuition fees for international students are CAD 18,874 per year.

The MBA program offers two tracks: one for full-time students who want to complete their degree in three years. Another is for part-time students who want to finish in less time (about two years). The courses include

  • Accounting & Finance Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Global Markets & Strategy
  • Leadership & Change Management
  • Marketing Management & Analysis
  • Strategy & Human Resources Management

There are opportunities for internships through alumni networks at companies like Google and TD Bank Group too!

6. University of Waterloo

The MBA program offered at this school is one of the best in the country, and it's no wonder why: It's taught by some of the most respected academics in business. The University of Waterloo offers several programs for international students interested in earning an MBA degree. The most popular program, the MBA program, is focused on business and management topics. The program is built around a set of core competencies that you'll use throughout your studies and electives in areas like finance, marketing or communications. You'll also have access to a network of advisors who are experts in their fields and can help you plan your MBA experience. MBA tuition fees for international students are CAD 12,000 - 20,000 per year

  • The International MBA: This program is designed specifically for students who have limited experience with English and Canadian business practices. It helps students develop the necessary skills they need to succeed in an international setting while helping them learn more about Canada and its culture.
  • The Flexible MBA: This program is designed specifically for students who have limited time or family obligations. It allows them to choose their own classes, allowing them to complete their degree without having to sacrifice extracurricular activities or job prospects.

7. University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is one of the top schools in Canada, with a strong focus on research and teaching. It's also known for its international students, many of whom are coming from abroad to pursue their post-secondary education, and it has a number of highly-ranked MBA programs. The University of Manitoba's MBA program is one of the best in Canada. It offers a unique blend of business and academic excellence, as well as opportunities for international students to study in Canada.

The U of M's MBA program is designed to prepare you for a career in business and leadership, while also providing valuable knowledge about the world's most important issues. In addition to its strong academic reputation, the U of M is known for its community outreach efforts, which include mentorship programs and internships with local companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of getting an MBA in Canada?

MBA costs vary by program and university in Canada. MBA courses range from CAD 34,000 CAD to 120,680. Canada's business colleges and universities offer overseas students low-cost MBAs. You can also apply for scholarships to help you with the cost.

After receiving an MBA, is it easy to get work in Canada?

After completing higher education in Canada, international students can explore job options in different sectors, apply for a work visa, and seek permanent residency. You can work part-time while earning an MBA and then full-time afterwards.

Our Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for MBAs in Canada that are largely preferred by international students, make sure that you go through the research process only after a thorough evaluation of all the important aspects, like accommodation, fee structure, and other related requirements. The same approach will help you get into the cheapest MBA in Canada for international students as well. A good MBA in Canada will be one that meets your needs and preferences. It will give you opportunities to polish your skills and information so that you can move on to the next step of your life, whatever it is: to pursue a doctoral program, to become an entrepreneur, or to stay at your present job. Whatever you choose, following an MBA in Canada will open new doors!