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Duolingo Accepted Universities in the UK

Apr 12, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Duolingo Accepted Universities in the UK

Finding Duolingo accepted universities in the UK can be difficult since all UK universities don't accept or recognize this English Language Proficiency test. Hence, to find one institute that accepts this test, you must visit several universities' websites and check the English Language requirements for international students. Also, you must search for experts' opinions to verify whether your chosen university accepts the DET scores. All these tasks might seem a hassle and, of course, time-consuming. So, to make finding such UK universities effortless, our UniSearch experts bring this resourceful shortlist for you to refer to.

What is the Duolingo English Test?

It is an English language proficiency test that evaluates a person's abilities to speak, listen, write, and read in English. While considering this statement, this test might seem similar to the IELTS, but it is distinctly different in pattern, and many universities in the not-so-distant past tended not to accept scores of this exam. 

But with the impact of the pandemic, this situation has changed. Now, many universities worldwide accept this English proficiency test's scores. Today, you can submit Duolingo test scores to universities in the UK, Canada, USA, and other countries to qualify for admission.

Duolingo English Test Pattern

Before we get into some of the top UK universities accepting the Duolingo English Test, it will be better if you understand this test inside out. 

The DET is an hour adaptive test - meaning the exam gets more challenging each time you pass a section. It consists of two parts: one part is a 45-minute adaptive test featuring a series of questions, and the other is a 10-minute test assessing your writing and speaking abilities. Alongside these two distinctive sections, there is another part: a 5-minute introductory section beginning at the start of the test. 

The test score follows a scale of 10-160, determining a test taker's ability to write, listen, speak, and read in English. The language components you will receive subscores in are as follows:

  • Literacy (reading and writing)

  • Comprehension (reading and listening)

  • Conversation (speaking and listening)

  • Production (writing and speaking)

You will receive a score on a scale of 10 to 160 for each component. The total score is an average of your subscores. After taking the test, you will have to wait at most 2 days to get your acquired score.

Duolingo English Test vs. IELTS Academic- Score Comparison

Here is a table displaying a comparison between the DET and IELTS Academic based on their scores to help you comprehend how strong or weak the DET scores are compared to the scores of IELTS Academic.

Duolingo English Test Scores
IELTS Academic Scores
10 to 60
0 to 4
65 to 75
80 to 90
95 to 100
105 to 115
120 to 125
130 to 135
140 to 145
150 to 155
8.5 to 9

Requirements of a Duolingo Test

Below you will find out what you need to fulfill the Duolingo English Test requirements.
You must have the following:

  • A valid passport, government ID, or driver's license

  • A quiet room

  • 60-minutes of uninterrupted time

  • A computer with a front-facing camera

  • A speaker and a microphone

You are ready to take the DET anytime and anywhere if you meet the above mentioned requirements.

Why Should I Take the Duolingo Test?

As you know, you can take any available English proficiency test exam as long as your chosen university accepts its scores. But why should you consider taking the DET (Duolingo English Test)? That's what you will uncover below.

1. Easy Accessibility

You can take the test from the comfort of your home. You don't need to visit exam centers to take the exam. With an appropriate environment setup, you can take the DET from anywhere.

2. Take the Exam Anytime

Alongside benefiting from easy accessibility, you can enjoy another advantage while taking the DET: you can take it anytime. Yes, you have the privilege to decide the date and time when you will be taking this exam.

3. Budget-Friendly

Another reason outlining why you should consider taking the DET is its cost. Unlike other English Language Proficiency tests, this one will cost you only USD 49, while exams like IELTS or TOEFL can cost you more than this fee.

4. Quick Result

After taking the DET exam, you will have to wait at most 48 hours to get your acquired scores. Even though the DET score has detailed breakdowns with several sections describing the level of your understanding of the English language, it will take less time than other traditional and relevant exams to release your obtained scores.

5. Take the Test Several Times

Unlike other English Language Proficiency tests, the DET offers you the flexibility to take the test as many times as you want just by paying a small fee each time you apply to take the exam. Once you feel satisfied with your earned scores, you can utilize the DET scores for university admission or other purposes.

6. Acceptable at Most Universities

The last and one of the most essential reasons for taking the Duolingo test is that it is acceptable at many universities worldwide. You can find over 3,000 academic institutions across the globe accepting the DET scores to grant students entry permits to bachelor's and master's programs.

These major reasons motivate students who want to study abroad to take the Duolingo English Test.

Duolingo Accepting Universities in the UK

Here, you will find a detailed insight into some UK universities accepting Duolingo test scores. But before exploring those universities, we will first check the Duolingo score requirement for the UK universities.

Duolingo Score Requirement for the UK Universities

The Duolingo score requirement for UK universities differs from university to university and study program to study program. Generally, most UK universities accepting Duolingo scores require students to achieve at least an overall score of 90 to become eligible for admission. However, some educational institutes and study programs may need students to obtain at least an overall score of 110 or even higher to get admission.

UK University
QS World University Rankings 2023
Required DET Scores
Imperial College London
6A minimum score of 115
University of York
Differs from Course to Course
University of Bath
An overall score of 120
University of Reading
Accepts the DET Test Only for Online PSE Courses
University of Sussex
At Least 120
University of Surrey
A Minimum Score of 90
Bangor University
An Overall Score of 65
University of Westminster
Varies from Course to Course
University of London
-At Least 105
Anglia Ruskin University
A Minimum Score of 110

1. Imperial College London

Ranked among the top ten best universities worldwide, Imperial College London is one of the finest academic institutions in the UK, with world-class faculties and aspirant cohorts across the globe. Most popular courses in the UK for international students like Business & Management Studies, Computer Science and Information Systems, and Biological Sciences are also offered here. 

This university offers over 250 career-focused degree programs, focusing on diverse fields of study such as science, business, technology, and medicine. This educational institute has flexible English language entry requirements. Thus you can qualify for this university even with a Duolingo English Test score. In order to be eligible for admission, you must achieve a minimum score of 115 with no less than 105 in any band score.

2. University of York

Accommodating over 20,000 students, the University of York is a renowned academic institution in the UK. It features ten colleges and 30 departments and offers over 650 degree programs, which can aid you in building an incredible academic career.

It will astound you to know that more than 4,000 international students from 150 countries join these study programs every year to gather ultimate knowledge in particular fields of study. So undoubtedly, it is among the best universities in the UK. You can be eligible for admission to this institution if you exhibit satisfactory DET scores while applying.

3. University of Bath

With worldwide recognition for exceptional teaching and ground-breaking research, the University of Bath is the UK's leading academic institution offering innovative courses to international students to help them reach their goals. 

This education hub holds the crown for being the University of the Year in the UK, according to the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023. We hope you now understand why many international students consider this university when it comes to pursuing degrees in the UK.

You can also keep this in your bucket if you plan to study in the UK with an overall DET score of 120. Also, you can study some sandwich courses from the University of Bath. 

4.  University of Reading

The University of Reading was built in 1892, and in 1926, it gained university status. This institute owns five campuses, four in the UK and the other in Malaysia. 

This university has three faculties and operates 16 schools, overseeing over 450 courses. Its most famous subjects include Management Studies, Economics, Medicine, Engineering, Law, and more. 

Every year Reading accepts more than 5,000 international students from 140+ countries. This is one of the universities accepting OIETC for international students

Lastly, like all the other universities on this list, this one also has flexible English language entry requirements and accepts the DET test but only for online Pre-sessional English programs.

5. University of Sussex

Committed to providing first-rate education to diverse communities worldwide, the University of Sussex is an education hub allowing you to create a better future by gaining job-ready skills. Sussex is much popular for communications degree UK

This university is home to 20,000 students, among whom over 4,800 come from 160 countries to enroll in their favorite courses. Similar to the already mentioned universities in this article, this one also runs a whopping number of industry-forward study programs, but its scholarship facility sets it apart. Yes, you can benefit from a waiver on tuition for up to £5,000 yearly if you meet the eligibility criteria. 

We will wrap up by disclosing what DET score you need to enter this world-class university. You will qualify for admission if you score at least 120 with no component below 100 in the Duolingo English Test.

6.  University of Surrey

Situated in South-East England, the University of Surrey is a sought-after educational institute in the UK since it has a fantastic graduate employability rate of 94%. Consequently, numerous international students choose this university to achieve excellent academic and professional success after graduation.

If you're looking for hotel management courses in uk for international students you can choose the University of Surrey without any doubt. 

Surrey hosts two campuses in the UK and operates one international campus in China. Besides, this university offers over 200 study programs, among which courses in Criminology and Sociology, Engineering, Medicines, Nutrition, and Food Science are notable. 

If you want to study any of these popular programs and experience a bright future, you can do so even without sitting for the IELTS exam. Instead, you need to achieve a minimum score of 90 with 80 on each component in the DET.

7. Bangor University

Bangor University is a renowned academic institution established in 1884. It operates three academic colleges and fourteen schools. Collectively, this university runs several study programs across diverse fields of study, including Human Science, Arts, Engineering, and so on. 

It prepares students with the top-notch education and training they need to build a successful career. You can also benefit from its high-quality education; luckily, you don't have to follow strict admission rules to access this. 

If you're looking for gap accepted universities in UK then Bangor University can be your answer. 

Depending on the course, you need to achieve the academic qualification and English Language proficiency requirements. You can easily secure admission if you obtain an overall score of 65 in the DET.

8. University of Westminster

Fostering excellent academic success, the University of Westminster is one of the first polytechnics in the UK. It aimed to educate London's working class, but today it believes in the motto "education for all." That's why every year, it accepts more than 5,000 international students.  

This academic institute houses four luxurious campuses equipped with all the modern amenities from libraries and cinemas to laboratories to aid students in experiencing and benefiting from a world-class education. 

Westminster is very welcoming to students and has no hard-and-fast admission rules. In fact, it comes into the Duolingo accepting universities in the UK list. So, if you can achieve the required DET score based on your chosen course, you will be eligible for admission!

9. University of London

Established in 1836 by the Royal Charter, the University of London aims to deliver the best quality education in London and across the world. Since its establishment, this academic institute commits to promoting equality and ensuring all learners have access to a first-rate education.

That's why it successfully built a large community of like-minded cohorts who utilize education in developing society and create a positive impact. You can join this fantastic community even if you are unwilling to take the IELTS test. If you can achieve an alternative score of 105 to IELTS in the DET, you can choose and study your favorite course at this world-class university.

10. Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University is a polytechnic university founded in 1858. It is one of the oldest educational institutes in the UK that promotes unmatched education for all. It operates four campuses containing libraries, studios, workshops, and other essentials students need to build a successful academic career.

This university mainly runs study programs in diverse fields, including Arts, Engineering, Business, Health, and more. These study courses have an 89% satisfaction rate. So undoubtedly, the quality of teaching here at Anglia Ruskin University is top notch. 

We will now reveal the DET score you need to get into this institute. You can get admission if you can obtain a score of 110 with a minimum of 90 in each component in the DET.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do All Universities in the UK Accept Duolingo Test Scores?

Unfortunately, all UK universities don't accept Duolingo test scores to grant students admission approval. If you want to enter a UK university accepting the DET score, you must research whether your chosen universities consider it a valid proof of English proficiency.

Can I Use the Duolingo Test for the UK Student Route Visa?

Though you will get confirmation of acceptance for studies from many UK universities using the DET scores, you won't get a student route visa exhibiting the DET scores. Unfortunately, the UK government still doesn't recognize the Duolingo test scores as proof of English proficiency. So, you must submit IELTS or TOEFL scores to get a student route visa.

How Much Does the DET Cost in Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi students can take the DET by paying a small fee of BDT 5,193. The DET fee is incredibly affordable, especially when you compare it with the IELTS test fee. While you need to pay up to BDT 22,250 to sit for the IELTS exam, the Duolingo English Test won’t cost you that much!

Our Concluding Thoughts

The UK is a welcoming country to students who want to pursue higher education. That's why it hosts numerous world-class universities, most of which have pretty flexible admission rules. It also has universities for students who are apprehensive of the IELTS, TOEFL, or other competitive exams. These academic institutions accept other alternative English proficiency tests and grant students with greater accessibility options. You have already glanced at some of these universities through this article on Duolingo accepted universities in the UK. We hope you find your dream destination on our list and begin your study abroad journey.