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Top Universities in the UK for Communication in 2023

Feb 21, 2023Date Published
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UniSearch - Top Universities in the UK for Communication in 2023

It's no wonder how essential a communication degree can be when you want to gain critical, analytical, communicative, and creative skills to work with diverse organizations. But the question is, can all universities worldwide help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills? Not all universities can offer the facilities and required training through their communication degree programs, while some top universities in the UK surely do. UniSearch experts are going to help you uncover the top universities in the UK for communication in this resourceful blog post.

What is a Communications Degree?

Many people, including students, possess misconceptions concerning communications degrees. For example, some believe it's a degree that teaches how to create well-structured PowerPoint presentations - funny, right? Contrary to popular belief, the truth is quite different.

Hence, what actually is a communications degree? Well, it's a goldmine degree educating degree pursuers on effective communication and how it applies to various industries, such as business, media, law, and others.

It's an interdisciplinary program enabling students to study marketing, advertising, journalism, public relations, and more. Aside from that, it also offers learners training in the liberal arts, covering political science, sociology, and psychology.

The communication degree also teaches students how to use communication in business processes, human interactions, and more. It allows learners to hone their analytical, writing, and speaking skills.

Some universities offering a communications degree also educate students on present-time topics like communication's role in a technology-driven world. We hope now you have a better insight into what a communications degree is. But do you know about the types of communications degrees? Let's read further to comprehend the degrees' types.

Types of Communication Degrees: Everything You Need to Know

Suppose you prefer enrolling in an undergraduate program in communication. In that case, you can find two types of undergraduate degree programs: Bachelor of Arts (B.A) and Bachelor of Science (B.S).

Let's discuss the differences between these two bachelor's degree programs. Speaking of a bachelor of arts in communication, this degree allows students to study core communication subjects alongside studying other subjects of liberal arts, including social sciences, humanities, history, and foreign languages.

On the contrary, a B.S degree focuses on scientific or technical topics. For instance, a student enrolled in a B.S in technical and science communication needs to learn about complex topics like technical writing for hardware or software products, technical content design, and more.
A B.S degree requires students to conduct a more in-depth study of a major to get more credits than a B.A in communication degree.

So, these are the significant differences between these two bachelor's degree programs. Now let's sneak peek into the wide variety of majors that a communication degree houses.

Diverse Majors Under a Communications Degree

The communications degree comes with many majors, and below we have stated the most prominent ones students can study.

Degrees in Journalism & Mass Communications

  • B.S in Mass Communication

  • B.A in Communications

  • Bachelor of Communications in Print & Digital Journalism

  • Master of Science (M.S) in Mass Communication

  • M.S in Journalism

  • M.A in Journalism

  • M.A in Communication

  • Master of Communication

  • Master of Mass Communication

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communications

Degrees in Journalism & Mass Communications

  • B.S in Mass Communication

  • B.A in Communications

  • Bachelor of Communications in Print & Digital Journalism

  • Master of Science (M.S) in Mass Communication

  • M.S in Journalism

  • M.A in Journalism

  • M.A in Communication

  • Master of Communication

  • Master of Mass Communication

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communications

Degrees in Organizational/Corporate/Business Communication

  • B.A in Business Communication

  • M.A in Communication

  • M.S in Business Communication

  • Master of Communication

  • Master of Communication Management

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communications

Degrees in Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

  • B.A in Advertising

  • B.S in Public Relations

  • B.S in Marketing Communication

  • M.A in Public Relations & Corporate Communication

  • M.A in Strategic Public Relations

  • Master of Marketing Research

  • M.S in Integrated Marketing Communications

  • M.S in Marketing & Communication

Degrees in Electronic Media & Broadcasting

  • Bachelor of Communications in Broadcast & Digital Journalism

  • B.S in Mass Communication

  • B.A in Broadcast Communications

  • M.A In Broadcast Communications

  • Master of Science in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Radio & Television

  • Master of Digital Media

  • Master of Interactive Technology

  • Master of Entertainment Technology

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communications

Degrees in Writing & Publishing

  • B.A in Communication-Professional Writing

  • M.A in Publishing & Writing

  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts

  • Master of Professional Writing

  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

  • M.S in Publishing: Digital & Print Media

  • Master of Professional Studies in Publishing

Degrees in International & Intercultural Communication/ Interpersonal Communication

  • B.A in International Communications

  • B.A in Communications

  • B.A in Speech Communications

  • M.A in International Communications

  • M.A in Communication

  • Master of Communication

  • M.A in Global Communication

  • M.A in International Media

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communications

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Theory & Research

Degrees in Political Communications

  • B.S in Mass Communication

  • B.A in Communications

  • M.S in Journalism

  • M.A in Communication

  • Master of Communication

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communications

Degrees in Cultural & Critical Studies/Rhetoric

  • B.A in Communications

  • B.A in Rhetoric

  • M.A in Communication

  • M.A in Rhetoric

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communications

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Rhetoric

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Rhetoric & Professional Communications

These are the names of some sought-after degrees that you can pursue. Now, let's check out the best universities in the UK for communications.

Top Universities in the UK for Journalism

Suppose you are fond of chasing stories that millions of people will read and want to reveal the truth by uncovering the corruption of official bodies and varied businesses. In that case, journalism is the appropriate career choice for you, and you can pursue this degree at the UK universities listed below.

1. Goldsmith, University of London

Ranked 12th in the world for media and communication studies (QS World Rankings by subjects 2022), Goldsmith offers a stellar undergraduate program in journalism. Not only that, but this university also offers students the chance to take a joint course with history.

After completing the undergraduate program, you can specialize in radio, television, and digital journalism alongside pursuing your M.A in journalism degree. Hence, consider this university while pursuing a journalism degree in the UK.

Cardiff University

Located in Wales, famous for adventure parks, iconic museums, galleries, zoos, castles, and heritage, Cardiff University can help you fulfill your dream of studying journalism in the UK.

Cardiff University enables you to get a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communications, Media and Communications, Communications and Politics, Media and English Literature, and more.

That said, if you are searching for top universities for communications and media, you can consider this university as it's ranked in the top 50 for this specific degree (QS World University Rankings).

3. University of Leeds

The third one on this list is the University of Leeds, which ranks 22nd worldwide for media and communication studies (QS World University Ranking By Subject 2022). But you can enroll in a journalism degree program at this university too!

The university offers a B.A in Journalism and Media degree. It allows you to gain a broad knowledge in the field of Journalism. Thus, it can be an excellent option to pursue your journalism degree.

4. Sheffield University

Sheffield University boasts an outstanding reputation for teaching journalism studies. Graduates of this university work in media and communication all over the world.

Furthermore, Sheffield managed to rank 2nd in the Russell Group for teaching the B.A Journalism Studies course. Therefore, you can't ignore the university while considering enrolling in a Journalism degree program in the UK.

5. Oxford Brookes University

The last one on the list of top universities for journalism in the UK is Oxford Brookes University. With top rankings, world-leading professorship, employability prospects, and a broad curriculum, this university can help you facilitate your journalism career.

Virtually all graduates of this university work in world-class media companies and engage in significant research activities. For your information, 97% of the graduating journalism students get a job placement within the first month of graduation. That's enough to explain why you should apply to this leading university to complete your Journalism degree.

Top Universities in the UK for Communication and Media Studies

Another sought-after degree in the UK is communication and media studies. This degree enables you to develop skills in a multicultural environment.

It helps you meet the criteria for getting the most lucrative and high-paying jobs in the media sector after graduating. So, let's check out some of the best universities in the UK offering this coveted degree.

1. London School of Economics

According to the Times and Sunday Times , the London School of Economics ranks as the top university in London and offers highly research-based courses for students to enroll in.

The university provides cutting-edge post-graduate teaching, and the department of media and communications strives to gain a deeper understanding of changes in media and communication.

You will be amazed to know that the London School of Economics is one of the top research universities in the United Kingdom. Hence, what else can be a better option than this when you consider pursuing a communication and media studies degree in the UK?

2. Loughborough University

According to Time Magazine, Loughborough University ranks 3rd in the UK for Communication and Media Studies. It offers a BSc degree in Media and Communication, letting students thoroughly understand historical and contemporary developments across several media sectors, including broadcasting, press, digital media, and film.

By enrolling in this universities' Media and Communication degree, you can specialize your analytical and practical skills relevant to alluring jobs that involve working with media and communication industries. Hence, you can rest assured knowing that you have made the right decision to take a course at this university.

3. King's College London

King's College London is one of the oldest universities in the UK that ranks among the top universities in the world (QS World University Rankings 2023) for its outstanding academic curriculum and teaching techniques.

The university offers courses like the B.A in Culture, Media, and Creative Industries, and B.A in Digital Media and Culture. These degrees help you develop skills that will be helpful when you work in diverse fields, ranging from arts management, publishing, public relation, advertising, policy or marketing, and beyond.

4. Bournemouth University

Located in Bournemouth, England, Bournemouth University has a reputation for providing courses crafted in partnership with leading industry experts. 

Consequently, after enrolling in any of the courses provided by this university, you get hands-on experience in a specific field and are job-ready as soon as you complete your undergraduate or postgraduate program. The university also offers several media and communication courses that we encourage you to check out.

5. University of Leicester

Offering tailored education for creators, discoverers, and leaders of tomorrow, the University of Leicester remains among the top ten universities in the UK.

Being at the forefront of media research since 1966, this university provides the best in-demand B. A Media and Communication Degree program that can help students gain knowledge on contemporary issues related to the theory, development, and practice of mass and interactive communication.

That said, if you are searching for the best universities in the UK for mass communication or communication and media studies to map out your future, this one has you covered.

Best Universities for Public Relations in UK

In recent times, more students are pursuing a public relations degree since this degree has gained more recognition and significance as numerous organizations realize the importance of brand reputation. Hence, let's discover the list of universities in the UK, offering this desirable degree.

These world-class universities provide exceptional teaching through courses in public relations and more.

Other Great Universities in the UK for Communication

Remember, the top universities in the UK for communication aren’t limited to the names on this list. Several other great universities to get a communications degree in the UK include:

These top-rated universities can help you complete your graduation in communication and get your preferred job for a better future.

Entry Requirements for Communication Degree in the UK

The entry requirements for a communication degree program vary from major to major and university to university. Still, below, we have given an overall outline concerning the requirements you must fulfill to enroll in a communication course at your desired university

Suppose you want to run after the B.A in Media and Communication degree at Kingston University. You must have the following requirements:

  • IELTS/PTE Score: At least a 6.5 band score or an equivalent PTE score.

  • Academic Requirements: You must pass an intermediate level or diploma in art and design with at least a C grade.

  • Annual Tuition Fees: For domestic students, the tuition cost stays under GBP 10,000, while it can rise to GBP 14,000 for international students.

Are you wondering whether studying communications in the UK is for you? Find out more in our complete guide on reasons to study in the UK!

On average, the entry requirements remain the same, but some universities can charge more tuition fees and want you to obtain good IELTS/PTE scores and academic results. You may contact us to learn more about the UK's communication degree program requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is a Major in Communication a Good Choice?

Indeed, it's one of the best majors to study since a degree in communication helps you develop strong writing, interpersonal, and analytical abilities. It lets you uncover diverse professions in varied industries.

What Can I Do with A Communication Degree?

Graduates with a communication degree have the opportunity to work in a variety of fields, including public relations, journalism, marketing, and fundraising.

How Much Can A Communication Major Make?

It depends entirely on the job and major that a graduate studies. But on average, nearly all communication majors earn anywhere from GBP 30,193 to 142,579 per year.

When Should I Apply?

Most UK universities offer two major intakes, which begin in September and January. Some universities provide three intakes, though. You need to constantly check your desired university website to know about the time of application - learn more through our breakdown of the UK’s major intakes!

How Costly is a Communication Degree & What is the Cost of Living in the UK?

The tuition fee for a bachelor of communication in the UK varies from university to university. Generally, an international student must pay around GBP 12,000 to GBP 30,000 annually. Speaking of the cost of living in the UK, this too can impact your financial decisions - you can find more information on the living expenses with our UK guide.

How Much Money is Needed to Study Communication in the UK from Bangladesh?

The cost of a communication degree in the UK for Bangladeshi students differs from university to university. As a Bangladeshi student, you will spend around BDT 1,559,753 to 3,899,288 yearly in tuition.

How Much Does a Communication Degree Cost in the UK for Indian Students?

Like Bangladeshi and other international students, the cost of a communication degree in the UK remains the same for Indian students. That means the tuition fee is dynamic and varies from institute to institute. The yearly cost of this degree program for an Indian student will range between INR 1,217,246 to 3,043,115 in tuition fees.

Our Concluding Thoughts

We hope you now have a brief insight into the top universities in the UK for communication. All the universities listed above offer world-class teaching that you need to create an impressive career in diverse industries requiring communication specialists. Which branch of communication are you keen on pursuing - and did we help you find the right university for it?