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Canadian Universities that Accept Low GPA for Masters

Nov 26, 2022Date Published
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UniSearch - Canadian Universities that Accept Low GPA for Masters

It can be scary to think you might not meet the GPA requirements for your target Canadian university. While it is true that Canadian universities look at your admissions average first and foremost, a lower GPA doesn’t disqualify you! Canada has a number of prestigious universities that are not as picky with grades. These include the Canadian universities that accept low GPA for Masters! Continue reading to find out what your options are.

Find out the Top Canadian Universities that Accept Low GPA for Masters!

Does your GPA make you feel like you won’t be eligible for a master’s in Canada? Well, don’t worry! A university does not only consider your GPA when deciding whether to admit you. Canadian universities recognise that your GPA does not fully reflect your academic performance and potential. This is why many Canadian universities look beyond GPA when it comes to admission.

Many Canadian universities may consider applications with lower GPAs favourably, based on your professional experience, subject-specific performance, proficiency test scores, and/or extracurricular activities. If you have a low GPA, you need to be sure the rest of your application is strong enough to make up for it. Before applying, you should know the requirements and deadlines to get into these universities as well.

Good vs. Low GPA

Before applying to any Canadian university, you should understand what is a good GPA and a comparatively low GPA.

On a scale of 4.0
On a scale of 5.0
Excellent GPA
Good GPA
3.3 - 3.7
3.5 - 4.4
2.7 - 3.0
2.5- 3.4
Extremely Low GPA
1.0 - 2.3

You may have to convert your qualifications to the GPA standard to get an understanding of your admission average. If your GPA is at the bottom of the list, don't feel discouraged! As we said before, there are a lot of Canadian universities that accept low GPA for masters. But it is a fact that a low GPA comes with some implications. When applying for admission to a Canadian institution, keep the following limits in mind:

  • When applying to any university, focus on what the university is asking of you
  • Avoid universities that highly encourage or use GPA as a dominant factor in student admission
  • Most universities accept Art or Humanities students with lower GPAs
  • Science and Engineering courses generally demand students with a higher GPA
  • Avoid taking courses that need more academic records and coursework

There are certain things you may do to compensate for your low GPA . It will help you to stand out from the crowd. When you focus on the other components of your application, it will show how compatible and equipped you are for future academic study.

  • Strong statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Good admissions exam scores like IELTS, GRE, etc.
  • Excellent letters of recommendation
  • Professional work experience in related fields
  • Volunteer work and social services
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Personal skills

List of Canadian Universities With Low GPA Requirements for Masters

Do you want a better chance of acceptance into a Canadian master's program? Check out the list of Canadian universities that will accept low GPAs for masters. Many have international recognition, with great curricula and affordable tuition.

British Columbia
Nova Scotia


Alberta is well-known among international students for its high educational quality, low tuition and living costs, and shorter programs. The following is a list of universities that accept low GPAs:

University of Lethbridge

University of Lethbridge consistently ranks among Canada's best institutions. The average cost for tuition and fees at UoL is CAD 20,784 per year. The university has a 93 per cent acceptance rate, making it one of the most accessible universities to get into.

GPA requirements: You must have an overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

MacEwan University

Currently, MacEwan University hosts around 750 international students from more than 50 nations. MacEwan is an excellent university where you will receive a high-quality education. Class sizes are small and professors are highly helpful and eager to go above and beyond to assist you to learn.

GPA requirements: Depending on the program you’re applying to, specific admissions requirements differ. However, an international candidate must have a GPA of 2.5 and a 65 per cent average in the program's essential disciplines.

Concordia University of Edmonton

Concordia University of Edmonton is a welcoming, close-knit community. You will learn and progress not just academically, but also in terms of self-awareness, self-confidence, independence, and responsibility. The university offers over 45 Arts, Science, and Management majors and minors, as well as highly renowned after-degree programs in Education and Public Health, master's degrees, and graduate certifications and diplomas.

GPA requirements: An international candidate must have a GPA of 2.0 or above.

British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the world's most popular destinations for international students due to its world-class education. It’s home to one of Canada’s best universities, the University of British Columbia, which is one of the best (and most expensive) universities in the country. You may be wondering whether British Columbia has any universities that accept low GPAs for masters. Well, the answer is yes!

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University aspires to be a higher education leader. As an inclusive academic community, the university devotes itself to teaching and learning in order to provide a transformational educational experience.

GPA Requirements: Admissions requirements differ based on the programme to which you are applying. All graduate students require a full application as well as transcripts. A one-page objective statement, a letter of recommendation, or a resume may be necessary for business schools.

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver Campus

Fairleigh Dickinson University continues to provide students from all around the world with career-focused education. Fairleigh Dickinson University, an American university with a campus in Canada, offers a variety of online courses. FDU offers master’s programs in business, computer science, nursing, and other career-related fields both online and on campus. The university also provides PhD programs.

GPA Requirements: Graduate programs must have a minimum GPA of 2.0, among other prerequisites.

University of Victoria

The University of Victoria provides both on-campus and online degree programmes in fields such as psychology, nursing, and criminal justice, among many others.

GPA requirements: You must have a GPA of 2.5 to get admission to the University of Victoria’s Master’s Programs. Students with lower GPAs can also gain admission on a conditional basis. You must also submit transcripts and English proficiency scores as part of the admissions process. Applicants may also be required to attend an interview.


Manitoba is a great place to study and live. It's one of Canada's most multicultural cities, with a population that includes people from all over the world. If you want to study in Manitoba and have your mind set on pursuing a master's degree, there are some great universities here that will allow you to get your degree even if your GPA is low. Here is a list of the universities that offer a low GPA requirement for Master's degrees in Manitoba:

University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is a public research university located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It has become one of Canada's largest universities with more than 40,000 students. University of Manitoba is also one of Canada’s world-ranking universities! It is known for its strong arts and humanities program, which includes programs such as English literature and creative writing, history, philosophy, sociology, economics, political science/international relations, psychology/psychology education & human development, music studies and theology.

In addition to these programs, there are also many undergraduate degree options available including engineering, biological sciences, and pharmacy science.

GPA Requirements: Graduate programs must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Brandon University

Brandon University is a public university in Manitoba, Canada. The Brandon campus offers the school’s undergraduate programs. Meanwhile, Brandon's graduate programs are offered at both locations: The University College (UC) on the main campus in Brandon and Lakeland College within its Waterfront Campus facility.

With more than 30,000 students enrolled every year across all disciplines and campuses—including over 1,500 international students—Brandon has become one of Canada's largest universities with an emphasis on experiential learning opportunities for undergraduates.

GPA Requirements: Different degrees demand different GPAs; however, the minimum GPA in all cases is at least 2.0 and may be higher.


There are several universities offering a variety of majors in Ontario. Some universities have high GPA requirements for their master's degrees, but a couple of great options also set low GPA thresholds. Here are some Ontario institutions that offer Master's degrees with minimal GPA requirements:

York University

York University is a research-intensive university located in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 1959, York offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs to over 30,000 students from Canada and around the world.

GPA requirements: For a master's degree at York University, you should have a GPA of 2.0 or above for your undergraduate degree (Bachelor's degree) or 3.0 or above for your postgraduate degree (Master's degree).

Seneca College

Seneca College is Canada's most dynamic institution and a post-secondary education leader. Their career-focused curriculum, competent instructors, dedicated staff, and the achievements of numerous graduates earn the university international acclaim. Seneca attracts more students than any other college in Canada.

GPA Requirements: A student qualifies to enrol in a graduate programme if they have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in their major field of study courses.

Carleton University

Carleton University is a community of talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic instructors and officials dedicated to excellence and supporting the teaching and research that establish Carleton as the Capital University of Canada. As one of Canada’s world-ranking universities, Carleton University offers master's degrees in a variety of fields, ranging from finance to social work.

GPA Requirements: Graduate programmes at Carleton University need a minimum grade point average of 2.50 and a minimum GPA of 2.75 for the MEd and MA Special Education degrees.

Nova Scotia

While studying in Nova Scotia, students engage in a cultural bliss that is rich in intellectual heritage and creativity. The province offers many programs with the aim of providing quality education and training for students, regardless of their academic background. Here are some universities in Nova Scotia that accept low GPAs for masters:

Technical University of Nova Scotia

The Technical University of Nova Scotia is a university in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With a rich tradition and reputation, the university has a relatively low acceptance rate of 43 per cent. Nonetheless, the grade requirement threshold qualifies this university for our list. Before applying, make sure you’re a great fit for the Technical University of Nova Scotia’s entry requirements!

GPA Requirements: Most master's programs require a 2.5 GPA in Bachelor's studies. A completed application and academic transcripts are also necessary for admission.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University has over 4,000 courses and 180-degree programmes across undergraduate, graduate, and professional faculties. Dalhousie University, a globally ranking higher education provider, offers courses in entertainment, media, arts, and technology. It also provides a variety of master's degree programmes in filmmaking, game development, journalism, media design, and other creative industries.

GPA requirements: You must have a GPA of 2.5 to apply to the graduate programs. Applicants with lower GPAs can also apply with a Letter of Intent, resume, and academic transcripts.


Saskatchewan has an extraordinarily high quality of life, which benefits its international students as well. Unlike other Canadian provinces, the Government of Saskatchewan offers healthcare to international students studying in the province. If you're thinking of pursuing a master's in Saskatchewan, you may be wondering what the GPA requirement is - let's find out!

University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is a public research university in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The university has over 30,000 students enrolled at its more than 80 campuses across Canada. And over 3,200 graduate students enrol in Master's programs across nine academic departments. USask offers a diverse choice of great degrees, including business, health, and engineering.

GPA requirements: There is no minimum GPA requirement for admission to graduate programmes. Graduate admissions requirements include academic transcripts, resumes, and other program-specific needs.


Quebec is a popular destination for international students because of its high educational quality, affordable tuition and living costs, and shorter programmes. If you wish to earn a master's degree from Quebec, there are several universities that accept low GPAs and offer low tuition fees. But keep in mind that Quebec is a Francophone province. You need to account for the language barrier and pick up some French to live and study here.

University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)

University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec. UQAM is rated first in Quebec and ninth in Canada in terms of research funding for comprehensive universities. Every year, the University’s researchers receive several honours and distinctions, operating in over a hundred research and creative groups. It has a low GPA requirement for masters and PhDs. The university also has a low GPA requirement for MBA programs.

GPA requirements: You must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 to be eligible for admission to the University of Quebec at Montreal UQAM.

Laval University

Laval University is a public research university in the Canadian city of Quebec City. Université Laval is a French-language institution; however, several faculties offer English courses and programmes. It is important to note that access to these courses may be limited by the program of study and may not be offered to exchange students.

GPA requirements: Laval University has a low GPA requirement for master's in the following fields:

  • Business Administration and Management, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (1.5)
  • Mechanical Engineering (2)
  • Civil Engineering (2)

Concluding Thoughts on Canadian Universities That Accept Low GPA for Masters

As we’ve seen, there are many Canadian universities that accept low GPA requirements for masters to help you reach your goals. If you want to study in Canada, it’s important to make sure that the program is right for you before applying. There are many factors that will determine whether or not your application is accepted. These factors include your GPA and other academic achievements like work experience as well as personal factors, such as your motivation level or hobbies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I pursue a Master's degree in Canada despite my low GPA?

Yes, you can. Many Canadian universities look beyond GPA when admitting students. If you have good academic achievements in specific subjects, professional experience, engagements, and extracurricular activities, you can apply to many universities in Canada.

What is the lowest GPA required for a Master's degree in Canada?

Most universities require a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 in order to be eligible for a Master's degree in Canada. However, several universities will accept GPAs as low as 2.0. However, it is dependent on the university and programme. Test scores, such as the GMAT or GRE, can also play a role into your eligibility for your target program.